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How ...bizarre!
by Thanos Kalamidas
2009-07-22 09:34:53
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Blown up …his flat!

matress_400A German man has blown up his flat while trying to mend an inflatable mattress, local fire officials say. The man from the western city of Dusseldorf used car tyre solvent to repair a hole and left it overnight. But when he tried to inflate the mattress the next day, it was ignited by a spark from an electric air pump.

The explosion blasted the sitting room wall into a stairwell and blew out windows. , the man, 45, and his daughter, three, suffered burns. The fire brigade evacuated two buildings and sealed off a street while they checked for structural damage. "The apartment looked devastated," Spiegel Online quoted a fire brigade spokesman as saying. The paper said the cost of the damage was estimated at 20,000 Euros, and that the man would be put under investigation for causing an explosion through negligence.


Brothel’s …green discount!

bicycle_400A German brothel is going green in a bid to attract more business in tough economic times. Customers who arrive by bicycle at Berlin's Maison d'Envie will receive a five-euro discount on the usual fee of 70 euros.

The discount also applies to those who can prove they took public transport to get there, owner Thomas Goetz said.  "It's good for business, it's good for the environment and it's good for the girls," he said.
The recession had hit his industry hard. But he said that the offer did appear to be working.  "We have around three to five new customers coming in daily to take advantage of the discount."  And, he added, it had helped ease traffic congestion and free up parking in the neighbourhood.


For the ...family!

Former Broncos running back Travis Henry walked into a Montana courtroom Wednesday facing a sentence of 10 years in pcokerison with a $4 million fine. He left the courtroom knowing that he could be released in 16 months and would not be fined. "We were very happy with the sentence and treatment that both the court and government showed throughout this process," Henry's attorney Harvey Steinberg said Wednesday in a phone interview from Billings, Mont.

Henry, 30, was arrested last October for financing a drug ring that moved cocaine to Montana from Colorado. Henry was caught with six kilos of cocaine by undercover agents and later pled guilty to a single count of trafficking cocaine. Steinberg sought leniency for Henry by arguing his client turned to drug trafficking out of desperation after his release from the Broncos two months earlier. U.S. District Judge Richard Cebull sentenced Henry to three years in a Florida prison and another five years' probation. Cebull also agreed that if Henry completes a 500-hour drug treatment program while in prison, he would knock 12 months off his sentence.

Steinberg said with good behavior, Henry could get another four months subtracted from his sentence. Henry was also credited with the two months he already has served in aMontana prison, meaning he has a chance to return to society in November 2010. Cebull waived the fine, saying Henry, who according to court documents has fathered 11 children by 10 women, could not afford it. Henry was arrested by federal drug agents last October — just a few months after he was released by the Broncos one season into a four-year, $22.5 million contract. He was cut after allegations of drug use and a perceived lack of commitment to the team.

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Emanuel Paparella2009-07-22 11:54:20
Indeed, the economic situation is getting more and more desperate. One question that is being asked around here in Italy is if the prime minister has paid taxes on his escorts.

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