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Horoscope: August 2009
by Sidharth Kanjilal
2009-08-01 10:14:49
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Horoscope: August 2009

Sidharth Kanjilal is an Astrologer, Numerologist and Feng Shui consultant. He makes personal detailed Birth charts also from a person's date and place of birth. From his guidances and suggestions, people and corporate clients across the world benefit from a better and richer life. He can be contacted at sidkan7_artist@yahoo.com and sid20483@yahoo.com.


horoscopeThis will be a major month of the year for you, dear Aries. You will have the power to create dramatic shifts in your career and there will be strong enough luck to bring big news in regard to real estate, home, or family matters.

Your lifestyle may change dramatically now or in time, and the changes may be ones you've initiated yourself or ones that you didn't plan but that you need to conform to. Don't worry, however this month will be friendly and will see to it that any news will eventually work to your favor. Aries, more than most signs, are very flexible and adventurous. See what is coming as a new and exciting twist to the movie about your life, starring you!

If you are being pressured to respond instantly, try to get as much time as you can get - even a few extra days will make a difference in helping you make a more informed decision. Do not try to change the dictate that is presented to you because that won't work.

This tells me that whatever goes on at the time of the eclipse will work to raise your status. It appears that work you've been doing lately has come to the attention of a high level person who will be very impressed with you and who may want to offer you more power and responsibility - in other words, a step up.

At the same time, Mars will be in hard angle to Neptune, so don't move so quickly that you fail to understand all the details of the agreement. Aim to get things in writing to avoid confusion prior to making any commitments. No matter how good an offer seems to be, if the small print requires terms that are troublesome, you will have to discuss those and decide what to do.

It is always a good idea to jot down any phone calls, interviews, or new business that comes in at the time. Love life will improve.


In the months ahead, get ready to get much more use out of your suitcase than you have in a long time. This is a brand new trend that is just starting up, and it will have long-range effects in the two years to come. This will bring a matter to culmination, very likely a trip that you will either take or be wrapping up with someone you love, such as a sweetheart, spouse, or even a child. If you are an artist, you may decide to take a trip to a beautiful setting where you get a chance to paint scenes that are quite different from those you'd see at home. Any of these reasons would be a good idea. It is likely to be a distant one that might require a long train ride. It is likely you'll go to a foreign country where you may be hosted by friends or relatives from a far in the city.

It is also possible that you will explore the idea of doing some sort of import-export of goods, services, or information with individuals in a foreign country. If you write, perhaps your books will be translated into other languages, or if you have a popular website, it may be translated as well. Global relationships, study, and travel are certainly on the docket, and as said, this is a trend that is just cranking up. Saturn will be based in your fifth house of fun, love, children, and creative projects, and these areas will glow so brightly for you, too. If you have always wanted a baby but didn't know when to actually plan for that child, the answer may be sooner than you thought - this month!

The ninth house is a legal house, so if you have a court case pending, there could be a sudden settlement. In love, do I hear wedding bells?


Your financial picture is changing this month, thanks to the planetary changes.

It appears that you will hear news that you will soon receive a one-time chunk of cash. It may be money owed to you at the end of a deal or business, for example, or it could come in the form of a commission, cash advance, or bonus. If you have been pitching venture capital investments, it may come through now, or you may get approval for a new mortgage or refinancing plan. You may hear news that you've won a scholarship, or that a beloved relative or friend has remembered you in an inheritance. A court or insurance settlement may come down, or you may even win a cash prize. There are many possible sources for the money that seems to be coming your way, but the result is the same - you'll be happy to have it.

Saturn will be in perfect angle to the eclipse, so I feel the most likely money that you will be thinking about will be money related to home, family, or real estate. You may receive money from a parent, or the money may come from the bank in the form of a mortgage or home improvement loan.

You may feel that someone is trying to control you or force you into accepting the terms that you don't like. If this should prove to be true, break the chain by saying you have to go. Stop talking, even if only for overnight. By breaking the momentum of the negotiations, you will immediately gain an advantage. You will also have a chance to sleep on the issues and may come up with a better solution that never occurred to anyone.

Whatever occurs will help raise your professional status quite a bit in your industry. Others will agree that you've done well and later you can trade this increase in status for more money.


This is an important month, so your relationship is about to reach a culmination point of great importance. They also test the strength of our relationships and our sense of purpose, determination, and courage. If you've needed a reason to take a big step, the eclipse will provide it. Indeed, there is nothing like an eclipse to shake us out of our compliancy and give us a reason to view things differently.

You may hear of friends getting married, buying a house, having a baby, or other big events, and in your life, you may have a big life event, too. Eclipses help us evolve into a more mature and sophisticated version of ourselves. Depending how things have been going lately, the results could be wonderful or not so wonderful. Still, I feel you have a good chance for a happy development because Saturn will be so supportive. You may hire an agent, business manager, or other expert to help you with your business this month too, and if so, things will move very quickly.

Alternatively, you may get news from a person in a foreign country who will want to work with you, and again, you'll be thrilled. These people and places will be fortunate for you. The most common way this may be felt is that you may travel. There are other possible manifestations, however. If you need to get a job, for example, publishing, broadcasting, teaching, diplomatic work, or import-export all will be good areas to investigate, for they brim with good fortune for you. There is one more possibility - that you may be drawn to religious or philosophical subjects now, and may even want to go on a retreat, sign up for a seminar or set of classes, or buy books that will make you think deeply about some of the mysteries of life.


The interesting part of life is that it is not the set of circumstances that you are given that matters, but your response to them. Give the same pressures and same type of opportunities to ten people and you will get ten different reactions. The pressures and opportunities may be identical, but the responses will differ, and in that sense, by living life, you learn quite a bit about yourself.

From August 5 in your house of partnership, and that's where you may see a dramatic development. You may get engaged or bond permanently in love. You may sign a business partner, manager, or agent, or develop an existing business partnership into something new and more sophisticated. But you are living peacefully, without much excitement.

If you are thinking of getting engaged or are about to sign a contract, you may do it now. For example, you may be planning to marry next month, but if you get a new prestigious job this month, you may need to scale back on your honeymoon so you can start your new job when the company needs you to begin.

If you are self-employed, you may find a silver lining to this situation. Saturn will be friendly, so it appears this person's departure may help you cut back on expenses, which may come in handy now. Or, after this person leaves, you may see this person was not doing the work you assumed she was, and that there was a lot to be desired by this person's performance, much to your chagrin.

If you work for an employer, you may be able to see an upside, too. You may qualify for overtime pay, or a raise, for after all, you'll be doing the work of two for a while, until another person can be hired. Saturn will be supportive to the full moon, and since Saturn is in your earned income house, you may be paid more as a result of this person's exit.


Career, friendship, travel, and love are all on the agenda in this busy month, and life is about to change dramatically in the area of love and relationships. You have a lot on your agenda!

If you haven't had a chance to go on holiday - to a place on distant shores - you may be able to squeeze in a fun trip. It seems you have a partner who will be happy to take off with you. Travel for business or pleasure for either type of trip would prove to be a fun experience, and if done for work, profitable, too.

Virgos working in publishing or broadcasting may look for new opportunities to shine during the same first ten days of August. An agent, manager, or other professional middleman will be instrumental to your success. You may also get career help in the form of a tip from an untraditional source, such as from a co-worker or romantic interest.

Mars moved into Gemini from July itself, hence you will enter an even stronger period for career success, lasting through August 25. It does not matter what type of work you do - this will be your six weeks to make important career gains. In fact, mid- August may bring news of your biggest career breakthrough of the past two years, allowing you to easily create a nice buzz about your accomplishments. If you are asked to give a speech, accept, for your talk will be enthusiastically received by the audience. You may be asked to give references to a prospective employer this month too, and if so, you'll find just the right person to speak up for you.

You may find that you and your sweetheart have a serious talk about the future - one that makes you glow because you see that your love is being returned in equal measure.


If you are honest with yourself, you will admit that you feel you've come to master your present life just fine and you are up for a new adventure. You need change, and that's precisely what the universe is about to bring you - and a very good one. Ready or not, here they come. They uproot us and push us and prod us out of our comfort zones. If we feel we don't have time, we don't have enough money, we are not ready yet, or for any other reason we feel we can't meet the challenges the universe presents, and we find that we do succeed, despite our initial doubts. Later we see the changes wrought were for the best. To stay in your present same-old pattern would not bring you any personal growth.

Someone connected with your home may pressure you to agree to something or sign something, but you seem not to want to do so. This person could be a broker, contractor, or landlord, for example. I am not sure you can find a way to avoid this issue, however, but if this is a legal issue, you may want to consult a lawyer to explore your options.

You may need to clear out a space - yours or that of a parent - perhaps because you or your parent is moving, or because you may be doing a refurbishing or reconstruction project. This process of clearing out possessions may make you sentimental as you prepare for the next chapter of your life. That's normal, dear Libra, but unless you do clear out the past you can't get ready for the future. I know, sometimes knowing this doesn't really help very much. You will be quite happy again after this process is completed, so keep that in mind.

If you are self-employed, you may be pitching investors for another round of financing or asking the bank for a larger line of credit. Or, if you are a student, you may be looking for financial aid through your college or employer.


Lucky you, you have a very different, and in many ways, better, outlook than many of the signs in August.

Let's say you were planning to stay in your present space - you may get a surprise tip for a new space that you decide to act on in the coming weeks. Or, as another example, you may have been thinking of delaying a sale of a house until housing prices raise again, but when the right offer suddenly shows up, you may need to start packing! Or, if you planned on moving in with your sweetheart, now you may wonder if you really should give up your apartment and decide to keep it and perhaps sublet it.

You will have a full moon eclipse on August 5 in the very same area of the chart - your home and family - so you will have big news and need to make a final decision about your home (or other property) or your family at that time. I will analyze the aspects of the month's eclipse in this August report. I can say that that eclipse will be last one in the Leo-Aquarius family of eclipses that have been taking place over the past two years. Many Scorpios will be moving at the start of August, as only one of many possible manifestations.

A short trip may be coming to fruition. This certainly seems like a trip taken for romance and fun, either just with your mate or sweetheart, or with your children, too. You can't go wrong at this time of the month! You may take this trip quite spontaneously too, and those are often the best kinds.

I feel you will be in agreement with the wording of this contract, but you should still have a lawyer take a look at it to be sure. This deal seems to be built for the long road ahead, for Saturn will be aiming for long-term stability. You may be signing a contract for business or personal reasons. If you are getting married, well, that's a contract, too! If you are trying to raise funds, say, for a business venture, you will concentrate hard on your goal.


This month will bring important changes to your finances. All sorts of questions will start to be put under the microscope, from how you earn your money, to how you save it and spend it.

For you, much of the emphasis will be on finances. This will bring a major culmination of a money matter. You may be ready to write a check or make an important purchase, such as for a house, a car, or for something intangible like to pay for tuition for college or a long-dreamed of trip.

Alternatively, you may hear back about a salary negotiation if you have been interviewing for a new job. One source of income will end and another may begin, may not be good enough, so that may be the case for you. Often they do happen at the same time, but not always. Should you lose a financial source but not see a new one on the horizon, don't panic. I want to assure you that I do not necessarily see you losing your job. The new source of income could mean something as simple as a new beginning in life. If you should have no income for a while, don't panic. The universe has something better in mind for you. The only way to get your better salary will be to leave your old job. In other words, you needed to create a space for the universe to fill. As someone once said to me, God doesn't go through the trouble of creating a tree and not water it. You represent years of knowledge and experience. Once you package it properly, you will do very, very well.

By all means, if you do lose a source of income, search for a new one. In order to get what you need, it is always important to show the universe a clear indication of your intent. While it is possible your phone will ring with a fabulous offer you had not sought, in astrology we never depend on these lovely things happening. Be out there looking!


This has all the makings of a memorable month for you, dear Capricorn! You, of course, will be at the center of all that is going on because these are highlighting your sign, but you won't feel equally enthusiastic about it. You will feel lonely. Soon a fine golden beam, giving you the opportunity to stabilize your life in a way you may never have been able to accomplish before, may be seen, this is considered a very forceful and energetic degree, giving you amazing power and authority. There is almost no plan too big or too difficult to tackle, for the world is now your oyster. Your sheer determination should lead you to victory.

If you are in love, there's a strong indication you will move forward on an engagement or serious promise to your significant other.

If on the other hand you have been hoping against hope that a certain relationship would finally come around to being what you had always wanted, you may have to be very realistic - see it as it is and will always be - and leave. If this should happen, don't see this as an end, but as a start to a whole new life, one that was long overdue!

Its main function will be to help you see fulfilment to a dream that is important to you, and only you can say what that happens to be. Often a puzzle piece comes floating down from the sky, and once it lands in your hands, you'll snap it into place and have the complete picture. For that reason, a planet can bring understanding and insight into almost any type of situation or relationship.

Opportunity to forge a serious relationship (or to cement one you are in now) will likely strike suddenly, thanks to a beam from Uranus - but even so, because Uranus will be so encouraging this month, you'll likely be thrilled! Big life events tend to happen at this time, so you may decide to get married under this eclipse, or you may choose to sign a business partner, agent, or manager for your business. See how this works out for you.


From this month, in some respects, life will feel calmer and you will be able to plan with a greater sense of security. Financial developments will still need tending for awhile, but even your financial picture will brighten significantly, as soon as in November.

Actually, when it comes to finances, you have had some of the most extreme aspects of any sign, with good news coming at you one minute and difficult news the next. This month seems to bring far more good news about your financial picture than anything else, so that's a relief. Even though you may see sudden shots of cash that you never expected come to you in august, you won't quite be able to fully relax because Saturn is still acting in a pesky way, and you and I will have to keep an eye on him. After a welcome period of stability from November through March 2010, you will have to keep alert from April to July of 2010 because you may have a sudden jolt or two. By the time you are done with July 2010, you should find it easier to control your finances, and the tough aspects like the ones you've been coping with over the past two years won't return. Keep to a very conservative course and you'll come out on top.

This month, you may get good financial news on several days. First, watch Aug 12, when Venus, a planet associated with money (as well as with love and attractiveness), will send Jupiter a wink and a nod, and a bit of cash or a beautiful gift may be yours.

Next watch Aug 20 when there will be a rare and very celebratory meeting of Jupiter, planet of good fortune, with Neptune, patron of all creative efforts, both in your sign, Aquarius. Neptune also happens to rule your second house of earned income, so with Jupiter shining his light on your salary house, you may see a new source of income come in near this date, or you may get a raise or sell something expensive, such as artwork, the idea for a new digital game, or any other innovative creation. If you work in a creative field, you certainly will be at the right place at the right time. What makes this so delicious is that you won't see any of this coming, so it will be a nice surprise.

Your mental health will also be highlighted. If you have any concern you feel would be good to talk over with a therapist or coach, schedule an appointment.


Every once in a while the stars align perfectly in every way, and especially in regard to romance. That is precisely what is happening in Aug for you, dear Pisces. The universe wants to reward you on a major scale, and you won't have to wait long to see the proof of this! In order to see how wonderful the news of the month, we need to look at where you are now. Think of a planet moving back and forth as one that is giving a wall a coat of paint - first the brush stroke moves to the right, then to the left, then goes right again as this planet "paints" over the same path. If you didn't feel the effects of Saturn during the pass over sensitive degrees, you would likely feel some effect on the planet's second pass (when it retrogrades) or during the last (third) pass, as it moves direct. When a planet gets to 29 degrees, 59 minutes, it automatically moves into the next sign. That will happen on October 29 when Saturn moves into Libra.

After that small three-month phase, you, too, will be done with Saturn and he will not be back to Virgo for many decades. When you have Saturn oppose your Sun, Saturn is 180 degrees away from your sign, and you always feel a bit isolated. It is as though Saturn wants to temporarily take away all your support lines so that you - and only you - can solve the problem at hand. There are no opportunities to "phone a friend" or "ask the audience" - you are on your own.

The feeling of being alone in a certain life crisis or event is usually very evident, but that's its beauty - when you solve the challenge, it is like no feeling in the world. You will see the full depth of your strength and fortitude, and you will finally know for sure that you can handle anything life throws your way.

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