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Global Grace Village - Creating Models for a Future without War
by Leila Dregger
2009-07-27 08:26:40
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Imagine, all media all over world would bring the message:

inbox_400 Soldiers and paramilitaries, banks and corporations, whaling ships and timber companies – all of them could no longer fight. Even love partners would no longer be able to hurt each other. What would we do? Do we see the possibility of a future without war? Do we know the vision of a world, where human beings are able to trust and love each other without fear?

After three years of "Monte Cerro" experiment, the Peace Research Center Tamera invites peace workers worldwide to the Summer University "Global Grace Village - Creating Models for a Future without War", at July 29 - August 7, 2009. We want to use these ten days to envision a healthy planet. With global crises overlapping, it is becoming evident that we are close to facing a paradigm shift; so let's get together for a think-tank and the vision of a future worth living!

Warm welcome in Tamera!

More information: summeruniversity.tamera.org
Registration: office@tamera.org

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