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Greek report Greek report
by Euro Reporter
2009-07-15 10:21:07
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The appropriate time to return the Parthenon Sculptures to Greece

acropolis_400The well known Greek newspaper “ΤΟ ΒΗΜΑ” on Sunday June 28th published an interesting article on the issue of Parthenon Sculptures’ return to their birthplace and the activities of the International Association for the Reunification of the Parthenon Sculptures. The Association consists of seventeen Country Committees, among them the Finnish Committee for the Restitution of Parthenon Sculptures.

The newspaper hosts a short interview with Mika Rissanen, Secretary General of   the Finnish Committee for the Restitution of Parthenon Sculptures. Mr. Rissanen, strongly believes that the consent of British public opinion on the return of Parthenon Sculptures from British Museum to Acropolis Museum is of crucial importance and that the international cultural organisations should contribute to the effort of the Sculptures’ return to Athens. He also considers the 2012  London Olympic Games as “the appropriate time to return the Parthenon Sculptures to Greece. The return of the Parthenon Sculptures would be an extraordinary public relations act for the London Olympics, as this would promote the idea of fair play in the best possible way”. Finally Mr. Rissanen expressed his admiration for the New Acropolis Museum and wished that “the long missing parts of Parthenon’s freeze puzzle would be shortly returned back”.  


The Athens’ business forum

forumFollowing the very successful “Med Business Days” organised by MEDEF in Marseille last year and the previous events in Valencia and Palermo, the Hellenic Federation of Enterprises organises this year the major Euro-Mediterranean Business Forum: “Bridging the Mediterranean –Athens Business Forum”, which is held in Athens (Divani Apollon Palace & Spa- Kavouri) from July 8th to 10th, 2009.

The Forum aims at creating a challenging debate between political leaders and decision makers for the examination of the progress made so far in the Union for the Mediterranean, the anticipated outcomes, the new investment opportunities in the region, the available financial tools and the factors which affect flow of FDI and trade. The Forum will also provide an optimum platform for businessmen and executives from all participating countries in order to discuss on existing cooperation or explore new ones. More than 500 businesspeople across the Mediterranean will have more than 800 scheduled one-to-one meetings during this three-day event in search of new partnerships and synergies. Later today Foreign Minister Bakoyanni will address the Forum.


Olympus marathon

Olympus Marathon, a unique trail running event held annually on Mount Olympus, took place on June 29. Participants gathered at the remains of the sacred city of Dion, at sunrise and followed the route itself which revives the pilgrimage that the ancient Greeks made to Mt Olympus in early summer – in June – to honour and to sacrifice to Zeus -the chief deity of the Greek pantheon.

Starting from a sea-level altitude, athletes followed 44km of trails and reached the height of 2780m retracing history and myth. The winner of the Olympus Marathon 2009 is Spain’s Hernandez Gispert.


eatEating healthy

The increase in Greek exports reflects, to a certain extent, the recent shift towards healthier nutrition, internationally. The Cretan diet includes olive oil in abundance, which is a key factor to longevity. The famous "Seven Countries Study" in the 70’s has proven that the death rate is far lower in Crete, a fact that the study attributed to the regular consumption of olive oil.




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