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German report German report
by Euro Reporter
2009-07-10 09:20:22
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Cars drive German industrial output higher

German industrial output bounced back strongly in May, boosting hopes that the recession is bottoming out. The news follows an announcement on Tuesday that industrial orders had also surged in May. The Economics Ministry said overall output in Europe's largest economy jumped 3.7 percent in May from the previous month, saying that "industrial production may have bottomed out."

A breakdown of the output data showed that manufacturing of capital goods, which includes cars, leapt 8.3 percent in May on the month, in part due to the government's cash-for-clunkers car trade-in scheme, which pays drivers 2,500 Euros to scrap an old vehicle and buy a new one. Commerzbank analyst Ralf Solveen said that foreign demand for German cars also helped and that it was "presumably not just due to the government incentives." On a year-to-year basis, however, adjusted overall industrial output fell by nearly 18 percent, indicating how much the economy had contracted in the last year.

Always on four wheels!


Berlin Zoo buys Knut for 430,000 Euros

The polar bear, Knut, who achieve international stardom as a cub in 2007 will stay in Germany’s capital after a 430,000 euro ($600,000) payout, according to a Berlin newspaper.  The settlement over Knut marks the end of an ongoing dispute between the Berlin Zoo and the Neumuenster Zoo over rights to the bear and revenue generated by merchandise bearing his image. Knut became a global media sensation when his mother rejected him at birth in the Berlin animal park, though he never officially belonged to them. His father, Lars, had merely been on loan to Berlin for mating, and a contract had pre-determined that his first-born offspring, which happened to be Knut, would belong to Neumuenster Zoo.

However, neither zoo could have predicted just how beloved and lucrative the fluffy, white cub would become. Since his birth, tourists and camera crews haven't been able to get enough of the orphaned bear who had to be hand-raised and bottle-fed by zoo staff. Merchandise with the bear's image, including - stamps, candies, and toys - has flown off the shelves.  In 2007, Knut brought in more than five million Euros in extra revenue to the Berlin Zoo and Neumuenster sued for a slice of the earnings.  However, judges urged Berlin to buy the bear instead. Following an initial request of 700,000 Euros for Knut, Berlin Zoo officials said they were only willing to pay Neumuenster 350,000 Euros, “the going rate for polar bears”.  The final settlement of 430,000 Euros means that Berliners can now rest assured that the now three-year-old Knut - the first polar bear to be born and raised there in over 30 years - will remain in the capital permanently.

Global warming enriches …zoos!


German politician cancels meeting with F1 boss

A German state premier has called off a planned meeting with Bernie Ecclestone following controversial remarks made by the Formula One boss. The two men were to discuss the future of the German Grand Prix. The premier of the south-western state of Baden-Wuerttemberg, Guenther Oettinger, was due to discuss future Formula One races at the financially troubled Hockenheimring with Ecclestone on Sunday during the next race at Nuerburgring.

The Hockenheimring is a race track located in Baden-Wuerttemberg and has long been home to the annual Formula One German Grand Prix. A spokesman for the state government said that Oettinger had cancelled the meeting after learning on the weekend about remarks from Ecclestone praising Adolf Hitler for his ability "to get things done." The statements, made in an interview published by London's The Times newspaper, have also led to a furore among Jewish groups. The World Jewish Congress called on Ecclestone to resign after the comments first appeared on Saturday.

Pressing the wrong buttons Ecclestone!!!

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