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Luxembourg report Luxembourg report
by Euro Reporter
2009-07-06 06:25:48
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Officials offer ex-cons chance at fresh start

When two felons recently were released from the Wisconsin prison system to live in the village of Luxemburg, probation agent Doug Sundsmo met with them just as he always does. However, this time he brought a friend — Kewaunee County Sheriff Matt Joski.

Incorporating local officials and community leaders into his meetings with former inmates is something Sundsmo plans to do every time another convict is released into the county. "A lot of these guys come out of prison with the stereotype that law enforcement is out to get them and the community doesn't want them," Sundsmo said. "We tell them that, as far as we're concerned, they're starting over with a clean slate, and we discuss what the community can offer to help them be successful."

Joski said the conversations begin with the former inmates sharing their criminal history and convictions, discussing what services they utilized while in the prison system and listing their concerns about re-entering society. Then Sundsmo, Joski or anyone else who is a part of the meeting talks about community services and support systems that are available to help them transition back into public life. "It's a great opportunity to reach out and communicate to this population," Joski said. "It allows us to talk about our concerns and their concerns and to find out how we can move forward." Joski said the discussions also focus on how the ex-convicts plan to turn their lives around and any resources they may need to help do that.

Perhaps they become an example for the rest op Europe


Fire destroys Montpelier barn

Sparks from a controlled burn completely destroyed a nearby barn Thursday in the town of Montpelier.
According to Luxemburg Fire Chief Lew Du Chateau, the incident was reported just after 3 p.m., and by the time fire crews arrived the barn was completely engulfed. Fire departments from Denmark, Kewaunee, Carlton and New Franken were called to assist.

Crews were on the scene for almost five hours, Du Chateau said. There were no animals in the barn, and no injuries were reported. The property, at E859 Cherneyville Road, was owned by Nick Warpinski.

At least nobody hurt.


Board nixes one-campus three-school request

Longtime Luxemburg resident Len Seidl attended Monday's Luxemburg-Casco School Board meeting to pick up where he left off last fall before departing for his winter residence in Florida. Seidl, 89, was put on the agenda to discuss three requests he and more than 600 petitioners had of the school district — to disregard the results of the August annual meeting vote to purchase land parcels in Casco and Luxemburg, to adopt a three-school system and build necessary additions to the elementary, intermediate and high schools in order to eliminate the middle school in Casco and to adopt a long-range campus master plan with the help of a seven-person advisory building committee chosen by each town or village chair.

Seidl said L-C and Rosendale are the only districts in the state that have a four-school system comprised of elementary, intermediate, middle and high schools. He said going to a three-school, one-campus system would save the district $450,000 per year, reduce the risk of bus accidents, require less parental shuttling and allow for more instructional time in the students' days.

But District Business Manager Janice DeMeuse prepared her own numbers that showed the cost savings would be much less. Seidl's figures reflecting busing costs, salary savings and maintenance fees were arbitrary and inaccurate, she said. Board member David Delain said Seidl's facts regarding other school districts also were false. Many other districts, including a few in the conference, have multiple campuses. Oconto Falls has schools located in Abrams, Lena and Oconto Falls, he said.

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