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Lithuanian report Lithuanian report
by Euro Reporter
2009-06-11 10:12:11
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Summer, sea and …nudists

A group of Lithuanian naturalists are standing up for their right to be naked, requesting Palanga authorities to finally establish an official nudist beach in their area. “This is a usual thing abroad, in the whole world nudism is promoted and there are places to gather. It is strange that in the most popular resort in Lithuania, nudists do not have their official place. Probably Lithuanians are very conservative and there is a lack of young people in the city municipality, who would make the difference!”

Democracy in …nudism the next step for the meta-soviet Lithuania


Anti-piracy and threats for attacks

Despite recent arrests and criminal proceedings against those caught plotting his death, Lithuanian Anti-Piracy Association (LANVA) President Vytas Simanavicius said he still fears for his life as he works to shut down illegal piracy rings and file transfer Web sites. “I think they can do it at any time. I go through Lithuania a lot and they could do it any time. I am not afraid, because I have been working more than 10 years and it isn’t the first time they (the piracy rings) have threaten me!”

Obviously piracy in Lithuania is in full force with Hook still …active!


Taking the arms

A Lithuanian army volunteer has been sentenced for attacking a popular Lithuanian singer Berneen Cereska. Vilnius 3rd district court found the attack, which took place on May 28, was racially motivated.

It was alleged Violeta Iljinych punched Cereska and called her insulting names, but did not touch a Lithuanian, who was with the singer at the time. Cereska was attacked last year in Vilnius Old Town. Iljinych was sentenced to serve 43 days.

This is really sad and embarrassing for a country that tries to put a European face.


Quiz to attract …foreigners

If you know the identity of the first king of Lithuania or author of some of the country’s most famous poems and you aren’t Lithuanian, then you could find yourself on a plane to Lithuania or with a sack full of prizes. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) of Lithuania is inviting foreign citizens, who take interest in Lithuania’s history, culture and everyday politics to test their knowledge by taking the quiz “Millennium of Lithuania.”

Test your …holidays to Lithuania

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Emanuel Paparella2009-06-11 15:00:37
On the first item: not a bad idea: naked democracy! If people were allowed to vote naked there wouldn't be any need to go to the beach rather than go and vote. One could admire the pretty girls at the voting places...I bet it would improve the turn out.

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