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"Pink Stains"
by David Barger
2009-07-23 09:06:40
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She never once sat in an upright position
Ever slouching with men in contortions
Twisting verbal meanings with her tongue.

She leaves only pink stains to be absorbed
In the loins from the sensual conversations
Which fell out of her opened mouth.
Her days within these walls linger only
Momentarily as she is now leaving,
And what conversation would be held
Together outside of here besides hello,
Good-day, and good-bye.

I have given her this last bit of sound advice:
Fulfillment of a dream takes boldness
In action, therein lies its breath and life.

O’ what good will it really do for lusting
Eyes that pick apart anything said or written
To the containment of joy found by sultry
Flesh-ridden pleasures?

At last, failure is not found concealed
By the attempt of giving, but is revealed
By the reception where secrets wait in
Bed-chambers as these things too many
Others are always keeping at arm’s length. 

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