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"Night-wandering Sun-worshiper"
by David Barger
2009-07-16 10:43:18
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Come fly with me
Above coldest mountains
Where jet streams flow even,
And the stars gleam amidst
Rays of the bluest sun.

Blue sun won’t you
Capture every micro-tissue
Allowing the moisture to build?
Rapture my thoughts
Until they slow down.
Wrap my lungs with a rainbow
Because beauty makes life seem less empty.

Blue sun won’t you come down?
Peel me back like an orange
Under shade of the nearest plum tree.
Let your tongue savor the pleasure.
Stuff me full of life’s riches,
And the wonders catered beyond.

Blue sun
Know that life will not hinder
As it swallows the passion
Built up from one day.
Lead me away from harsh-purple hunger.
Place suffering under my feet
As our steps trace a path
Which becomes a new way.

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