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"Remembering four fingers of each given day"
by David Barger
2009-07-08 09:20:13
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Four days ago the blizzard came
  As the sky unleashed its nimiety of white.
  Tire tracks weave and cross
  The tracks which came before;
  All became one scoop in this snow cone.

Three days ago I stood outside,
  And felt the winds react
  Pelting my coat with flaking shards
  As the snowfall did increase.
  My cigarette burned in the cold;
  Wetted paper slows heated ashes
  To a steady humble crawl.
  Along the siding of my house
  I had seen writing on the wall;
  Winds had carved where snow did lie
  Whittling some ancient caveman signs.
  A clutter of swirls in jagged rifts
  Bunched in splotches upon siding
  Where white breathed gray exhaling white.
  I could not read these pictures.
  My cigarette kissed the snow filled ashtray.

Two days ago an igloo formed
  From a mound of shoveled snow.
  Children’s hands were freezing wet
  Where gloves had soaked straight through.
  Behind straying clouds dragging in delay
  The sun played peek-a-boo.

One day ago the sun shined true.
  Evaporated are any cave-like drawings,
  And the entrance to an igloo
  Was swallowed inside out.
  Green patches shown of tracks now worn,
  And the streets returned their flavored lines.

Today is written memories
  In etched framing words on paper white.

Tomorrow the snow will melt away.

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Mamma2009-07-08 22:02:03
I really like this one, son! You are so bright you make my eyes squint!;p No, really, I like it. The words are well done!

Pop2009-07-09 04:06:13
Well spoken, Mr. Sand!

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