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Twenty Fleeting Flashbacks Twenty Fleeting Flashbacks
by David Barger
2016-02-04 11:33:26
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Memories swim in lush fields,
And breathe in August Rivers
Where wooden building blocks
Outlined by individual colors
Spell out the word foundations.

Minutes tick and tickle forward
Giggling always moving onward
Because time has difficulties
Looking back on its fleeting self
Thinking remember when,
No…no, never mind.

Years are the comedians
With seething generic laughs
Saying where do you see
Yourself in about five years,
And that will be twenty dollars
For each wrong or falsified answer
Though stretching the truth is okay.

Face it, memories are flashbacks,
And flashbacks are acid rollovers.
Like the moment with those two girls
(When you were nineteen in feeling)
Only to wake up naked alone in a tent
Realizing it is not a tent but an umbrella,
And your neighbors are taking pictures
To place on YouTube frame by frame;
That’s when you come to the conclusion
Knowing right then the seconds are spent!



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