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"The Inner Works of Strahan"
by David Barger
2009-06-12 09:06:16
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Come one. Come all!
The show is about to begin.
Out of the one-hundred trillion cells
Located within this body,
My temple is a complexity in nature,
I will let you all peer into the depth
And width of my favorite cell.

Its name is Strahan.
I have grown fond of it.
Deeper we must go
For the outer layer is plain,
And bland, and twitchy.
Strahan is a nervous cell,
And before I ever realized this
I thought it was dancing for my pleasure.

Deeper to the nucleus
We must venture for the oohs and aahs.
These strands of spaghetti
Are several chromosomes,
And this is every shoppers dream
For there are thirty thousand genes in Strahan.
Feast your eyes.
Chromosomes, chromosomes everywhere
Digested in one week!
Look, here comes one up close.
I have labeled every forty-six of them,
And this one is from the male side
Named Marijuana.
It was planted many years before I was born.
Why is the one behind it so huge?
Marijuana is always followed by Munchies.
There’s a scientific endeavor at explaining this,
But enough about me.
Another approaches. Female, yes, yes it is.
Named Guilt. What’s that?
Oh, the intravenous attached to her.
That is to make antibodies
Against the fierce methods of mother kind.
I am beginning to gain a tolerance
Towards such stealthy attacks.
I’m sorry, would you please repeat that?
Where are the genes, you ask.
They are active inside of the chromosomes.
David’s Nutty Analysand.
Lovely, just lovely!
Still bound in chains is the male
Named Sex Drive.
Once in awhile he does escape.
Please! No pictures. That will only excite him.
No, it doesn’t take much. The poor horny fuck.
Onward. This way, please.
What do you mean, what’s wrong with that one?
That is just her way. The female named Depression.
She stays to herself.
A very difficult strand to get close to.
When she wants she does find her way to me,
And we have our quiet little chats.
Oh my! Look at the time.
Well, the rest may have to wait until tomorrow.
Come, come, this way to the exit.
One at a time. Very good.

There is the inner-works of my Strahan.
You think it is not being jittery?
More of a bounce? Yes, it does seem so.
Oh, what a sight! Strahan is dancing for us.
I never thought I’d see this day arrive.
Dance everyone, dance!
Dance for my dying Strahan.
Good-bye my sweet Strahan, good-bye.

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