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"Amor vincit omnia"
by David Barger
2009-06-09 08:44:17
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Love me as preceding
When your heart was unclothed.
The epoch before such fortified
Walls surrounded what is pure.
The sands of time did trickle,
And the flames of heartache raged
Until each passing memory became
This fortress in which you are enslaved.
Metal beams encase the holding cell
Where within lays your affection.
I pound my fists against your gates
Crying out to let me in;
Let me abide along the side
Where your passion dwells.
Amour, amour may I cleave unto
The sanctuary of your resting place?
The wounds still seep
From another’s failed attempt;
Allow me to start the patchwork
Where healing can endure.
Lower your defenses
and invite me to rest.
Love me as foregoing
When your desires were not chained
Bound by those who’ve let you down
Whose shadows reek of shame.
Commence with me to suffer
Down each corridor of your shrine,
And bring down these walls in ruin
Only then may we rebuild.
Love me as foregoing
When once your devotion was untouched
Unblemished by markings found
When men pursued you with their lust.
Love me not in a naïve manner
With crushes of the young
Tempted by each gainful pleasure
Where angels never dare to soar.
Love me not in these ways,
But love me as you loved before.

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