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Iran's face screwed Iran's face screwed
by Thanos Kalamidas
2009-05-27 08:48:38
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I have to admit that I never really understood how countries like Iran understand the concept of democracy and how can you have elections when there is only one party allowed to participate. According to them in democracy the difference between oppositions could never be fundamental but in really serious issues like should we put more salt in the soup or what colour of shirts men should wear for the next season. Of course when it comes to Iran there are some other interesting positions that establish the differences, if Israel should be destroyed immediately or in slow motion is the main one of them.

The sad thing is that I’m not exaggerating or joking about it and of course they are following the same path all dictators do with the only addition that they use religion as their ultimate theoretical weapon. Everything in the end is the will or the wish of god or better in the case of Iran is the wish or will of Allah! I suppose Allah stopped access to Facebook for the Iranian people. Strange that the excuse was somebody from the opposition, that opposition that disagrees with the now president or better puppet of the dictator clerics Ahmadinejad, Hossein Mousavi.

For the presidential election in Iran there are four candidates Karoubi, Rezai, Ahmadinejad and Mousavi. We must remember that all of them have long proved their loyalty to the ayatollahs, otherwise they would never stand a chance to be there and that for example Mohzen Rezai is the former Chief of the revolutionary guards, the paramilitary groups that guard the faith to the cleric dictators and force it to everybody else using methods that would make the inquisition turn green from disgust! That’s how they understand democracy in Iran!

Without any wish to make predictions I suppose Ahmadinejad has the best chances to be re-elected, since he makes the best puppet for the dictator clerics and with his hysterics he can be enough motivated for a nation that after two decades doesn’t know better. The man is racist, prejudice, homophobic and everything else you can imagine but in a way he does represent his people and the way they are trained to be the last decades and as I said before they don’t know better.

By the way, the Iranian government announced that in a very western fashion there are going to be televised debates. I suppose they are going to argue on the methods to destroy Israel, screw Middle East, Afghanistan and Iraq and then they are all going to pray together! The amazing thing and the one they miss the ayatollahs of Iran is that they are the ones who make a mock out of Islam with all their actions and I presume Ovi is soon going to follow Facebook with these things I’m writing.

I presume information nowadays is a difficult thing to stop and one way or another Facebook or any other Facebook will find its way in Iran and lets hope that ideas will find their way and enlighten will come to people and see that beyond the Shah and the ayatollahs there is life and it’s much better than the one they know now.

Coming now to Ahmadinejad and the rest of the gang, history is full of puppet stories the thing is that from one side they don’t understand what they are doing – without that meaning that they are innocent for the crimes they commit – and from the other side they are always remembered from their dirty role as traitors of the people doesn’t matter what their motives where.

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Alexander Mikhaylov2009-05-28 02:45:30
'I have to admit that I never really understood how countries like Iran understand the concept of democracy and how can you have elections when there is only one party allowed to participate.'

Why... I could not understand it either ... when I had lived in Soviet Union

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