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Horoscope: June 2009
by Sidharth Kanjilal
2009-06-01 08:39:35
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Horoscope: June 2009

Sidharth Kanjilal is an Astrologer, Numerologist and Feng Shui consultant. He makes personal detailed Birth charts also from a person's date and place of birth. From his guidances and suggestions, people and corporate clients across the world benefit from a better and richer life. He can be contacted at sidkan7_artist@yahoo.com and sid20483@yahoo.com.


Job and Career - Your persistent hard work and dedication will make you the best in your group. Your practical solutions to issues at work will make you noticed by the superiors. You are likely to be highly creative in your approach towards work.

But down get carried away due to these successes and for this month stay away from risky ventures.

Finance and Money - A Monetarily sound month awaits people born under Aries sun sign. Their sense of security will get strengthened by the stable income they will draw from the current sources. Incomes will come from unknown sources.

Love - The first week of June will favour those who are single and looking for the right match. Those who are already in a relationship may think about rekindling romance in their love life, which has become stagnant due to the lack of expression of feelings. Married couples will spend quality time this month.


Job and Career - At the job front, people born under Taurus sun sign might have to work diligently during the first fortnight, but the second fortnight seems comparatively relaxing. Tensions related to day to day activities are also foreseen. Hence, they need to be more attentive towards day to day work. They will be a bit more apprehensive about business and money related matters.

Finance and Money - As Mercury is placed in Taurus and Sun is in Gemini, people born under Taurus sun sign may be working hard to have enough financial strength. They may also try different sources of earning. Speculation or short term investment in the stock market may be gainful. However, avoid investing for a very long term, like about a year or so!

Love - A clandestine affair is on the cards, and after the first week of June 2009, this relationship may blossom. Those who are already in a relationship will be attentive to their emotional needs. As there are no domestic issues envisaged, married couples may spend more time behind nurturing their personal relationship.


Job and Career - The professional life of the people born under Gemini sun sign is likely to expand to some extent this month. Promotions which were delayed may be agreed.

People born under Gemini sun sign may remain occupied during this month. This is the month of quick changes. People born under Gemini sun sign may have a strong temptation for shifting their job because of the opposition of restrictive Saturn and erratic Uranus.

Finance and Money - Financial aspects of the people born under Gemini sun sign seems brighter this month but expenses will still be there with Mars and Mercury in the 12th house from Gemini sun sign. Sources of income will be stable. People born under Gemini sun sign will not be able to focus on savings.

Love - With Venus in Aries and later in Taurus, singles born under Gemini sun sign getting hooked to someone. Those who are already in a relationship may decide to commit and take their relationship to the next level by declaring it officially. Love will find a new level of intensity after the 11th of this month.


Job and Career - At the job front, people born under Cancer sun sign may not be willing to make many commissions, but still if the circumstances demand they might have to handle someone else's work or they might have to adjust their schedule according to their colleague's or superiors' convenience.

Finance and Money - Sun is transiting through the 12th sign from Cancer and it is forming Square with transiting Saturn in the first week itself. This means that during the first week of June 2009, people born under Cancer sun sign may get a bit apprehensive about money matters. It's time to deal with new people and be patient reading associations related to business.

Love - Those who are single and looking may make new friends this month. Those who are already in a relationship may develop greater intimacy. There will be a deeper sense of understanding between married couples born under Cancer sun sign. Kids in the family could become very demanding or expenses on them may increase.


Job and Career - Leo people may well be busy negotiating important business deals this month. Leo may be working hard for a promotion or for earning financial gains but they may feel as if luck is eluding them. Some tensions in work also. The last week is more favourable for business and related matters.

Finance and Money - The first couple of weeks of the month show that Leos have to pay more attention to money matters. However, as the month progresses, specifically once Mercury enters Gemini, financial matters will not bother them. There will be a flow of money through different sources.

Love - Singles may get into a stable or a long lasting relationship in this month - a very high possibility of dreams becoming a reality. For those who are already in a relationship, it's a good time to decide on marriage. Married couples are happy together but occasional disputes over small matters may crop from the third week.


Job and Career - Some stress at work due to meeting deadlines and sales targets. Some rough time with colleagues is very well possible in this month. It is important to know that this phase is only temporary and a much better professional time will also come.

Finance and Money - Sufficient finances help you for planning vacations and trips. There could be some expenses for medications and childcare. There will be a perfect balance between income and expenses, where your income is well above the latter, so you will not be tensed about monetary situations.

Love - Those who are single and looking, may establish an emotional union with someone living at a distant place or even living abroad. Those who are already in a relationship are advised to avoid running into arguments this month. Married couples will be able to sort out domestic issues with effective communication.


Job and Career - People born under Libra sun sign will have a cautious approach towards their work and new projects. They would use their colleagues or team members wisely for organization's growth. They may work in a very methodical manner. Others will take their example and may also try to work in the same manner. They will also have very good relations with superiors and may have new meetings with upcoming sponsors.

Finance and Money - During the first week of this month, there may be average financial gains in business. Except for minor expense on necessities, people born under Libra sun sign will not have to worry about any major expense. They may spend most time and some money on house parties and socialising. From the second week there will be tremendous increase in business due to existing clients and newer contacts. Foreign contacts will benefit.

Love - Those who are single may get into a very intense relationship. It will be fun till it lasts. For the young couples, there would be many outings. The married couples born under Libra sun sign, this is a good time to have a good time together.


Job and Career - With the help and support of co-workers, you will feel, you have achieved quite a lot in your professional field. All deadlines would be met on time. Your superiors will be appreciating your performance. Even if your organization have an average business this month, your part will be very encouraging.

Finance and Money - Scorpio people are generally very particular when spending money. They purchase only things that they really require. This month too you may spend money only after thinking twice. You are not very satisfied with your incomes and wishing in the future you could get a raise.

Love - Those who are single and looking may come across someone very interesting. Love at first sight is quite possible in this month. Those who are already in a relationship will be focussing on the core issues of their relationship and may sort them out. The bond between married couples gets stronger this month.


Job and Career - At the job front, people born under Sagittarius sun sign may be not going through a very good phase professionally. The pressure for sales/ work is very high and you may well be under performing. You may even try to shirk away from your responsibilities.

First half of the month may be very difficult.

Finance and Money - Sagittarians are born spenders and don't think too much before spending money. In June too the situation will be quite similar. Purchases of home decorations are on the cards, and even costly home appliances. But at the same time, soon you should start controlling your finances methodically or else you could be in trouble.

Love - Those who are single and looking may find a romantic time from the middle of the month. For the young couples who are in relationship can expect to have a great time. Married couples, though, will be bound by busy schedule but still will be looking to enjoy life and spend time together.


Job and Career - Don't expect much financial improvement although the ongoing projects are going well. You will be innovative and creative in your work. You may be required to give in more hard work for the completion of work. There is a sense of high security in your job.

Finance and Money - The financial position of your bank will be sound. There would be some selling and purchases this month on the domestic front. You are willing to add more to your shopping list. This confidence in your money position is due to good placement of Jupiter in your charts.

Love - Very good times for the ones who are willing to let loose of their heart. The single may not remain singles by the end of this month and will fall very sincerely for someone this month. People who are already in a relationship will have better understanding of their feelings. The married couples have a great time too in expressing their love and their continuing fondness for each other.


Job and Career - Professionally you are at the top of your form. Your bosses are expecting a lot from you and you will deliver too. You will be very busy most of the time. Your organization will be waiting for you to make decisions as everything will revolve around you.

Finance and Money - This is a moderately good time financially. You will feel secured financially and even wish to invest. You are thinking of different ways to make more cash. Don't expect too much gain but still you will be profitable - an increase in the urge to expand business and even purchasing land or property.

Love - Your very friendly nature will stop you from getting serious with anybody this month. You may be willing to spend the occasional evening, but most of the time you want to be with friends. For the married people, this is the right time to spend more time together. For the young couples, there could be moments of arguments over small matters.


Job and Career - In this period of recession, you people will be the only few lucky ones who can expect some interview calls. For the ones who already got work, you can have a good time. You will be liked by your bosses and some of your co-workers could be jealous of your professional progress.

Finance and Money - There is definitely going to be a big hole in your pockets. With Venus and Mars in the second house of finances, people may have major expenses for the family and health issues in this month. Your revenues may look very small in front of the coming expenses. You need to be planning for a budget this month for sure!!

Love - This is not a very good period for lovers. The ones who are already in a relationship they will be a tangled up in confusion and messed up feelings. For the singles, this is not the right time to find someone new for relationship. There is a definite silence this time as far as romance is concerned. Even the married people may have difficulties in understanding each other.

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