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Finnish report Finnish report
by Euro Reporter
2009-05-08 08:09:24
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A prison turns …brothel

Finnish officials suspect that a new women's prison in northern Afghanistan, built through Finnish money and political will, may have become a brothel. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs suspects that inmates may have been forced to sexually service guards, employees, and their guests. "We suspect that the prison's top managers are involved, but we haven't confirmed this, as inquiries into the matter are still ongoing," says Rauli Suikkanen, a Foreign Ministry counsellor at the Department of Asian and Oceanic Affairs.

"It's possible that this activity was not entirely forced upon all the women. Drug dealing and the presence of drugs may also be an issue." The ministry got wind of the abuse when its own staff members were offered the inmates' sexual services.

They really …screwed it!!!


Nuclear reactor concerns

Power Company TVO denies that Finland's Nuclear and Radiation Safety Authority STUK has threatened to stop construction of a nuclear reactor at its plant in Olkiluoto. Nonetheless both TVO and French contractor Areva say they take the criticism seriously.

TVO and Areva admit that plans for an automation safety system have been delayed, but say that STUK has not suggested it would order a stop to construction for this or any other reason. YLE current affairs programme Ajankohtainen Kakkonen acquired a letter from STUK to Areva warning that the building site could be shut down if the automation is not fixed and approved.

It is just too dangerous to play around with nuclear!


Marriage Boom

Love was in the air last year in Finland as some 31,000 couples tied the knot, an increase of 1,517 over the previous year. Some 13,500 marriages meanwhile ended in divorce. According to Statistics Finland, this is the highest number of marriages annually since 1976. Some 250 civil unions were also registered in 2008.

Some 13,500 marriages and 45 civil unions were meanwhile dissolved. The average age at first marriage is now 30.1 for women and 32.5 for men.

Obviously there are more things in the air than just …love!

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