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Horoscope: May 2009
by Sidharth Kanjilal
2009-05-01 08:25:23
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Horoscope: May 2009

Sidharth Kanjilal is an Astrologer, Numerologist and Feng Shui consultant. He makes personal detailed Birth charts also from a person's date and place of birth. From his guidances and suggestions, people and corporate clients across the world benefit from a better and richer life. He can be contacted at sidkan7_artist@yahoo.com and sid20483@yahoo.com.


Career- You are not getting much luck in your work. You are looking and waiting for right professional opportunity that can give you maximum long term benefits. You will need to compromise in business or financial deals. You are forming your long term plans and by the end of this month you will be satisfied to a great extend at your visions. New opportunities will come soon and you will seize the benefit and you will realize that you will do better than you thought.

Love- You might steal some time away from someone who has been shadowing you of late. You need more chance to be your own person. It might seem as if no matter how hard you try, your partner is never going to change their views about something you too feel strongly about. Perhaps you can agree to disagree. You're not certain how you feel but everyone seems to think they will be the right partner for you.

Health- No problem with health, you are energetic and eating well too!!


Career- If you feel your career is stagnated. Don’t give up, if you meet people, a contact will be made through social activities or travel, which may give you new beginnings in your work. Be adventurous while the sun is in your sign, even if you feel not ready to take risks, if you trust your instincts and willing to experiment with new ideas, money can be easily made. Give your consideration to all options, no matter what it looks in the beginning; everything will happen for good in the end.

Love- A friend or colleague might involve you in their romantic interest. Before taking any decisions think well about the intentions of the person. Because that person may just be trying to get any of their work done using you. Listen well but don’t make any judgements and also control yourself from giving them your advice.

Health- From time to time you tend to feel a bit lonely, but that is not affecting your mental state of mind at all, but you do need to pump the muscles a bit more. Go for exercises.


Career- If you’re feeling not well treated in your work, you can blame your stars for it. Nothing wrong with you, so don't feel down. Share your ideas with your boss and co-workers and hear what they have to propose. They might try to relate to your needs soon .Someone needs advice on a private matter or you could do with getting something off your chest. Either way, find time to talk things through during the first half of the month. Later you will feel more certain about plans you intend to put into the action very soon.

Love- As the month begins, your need for romance, creativity, fun, parties and fantasy may sky rocket. Many may not understood your need for this sharp desire for excitement in your life, but those who understand, will be the ones enjoying with you. Great time for those already in love. If you’re single, hobbies like art, music and other creative activities will take away most of your time, making your life filled with activities.

Health- Your parent's old age and illness may worry you. There might be some expenses on the medical bills.


Career- Eventually you will realize the need to reduce social commitments but they will have been fun, while they lasted. Private matters grab your attention towards the end of the month. Although there will be changes these could be a big improvement on what had originally been intended. Friendship activities will take up a good percentage of your time during the first half of May.

Love-Happiness, harmony and fun in friendships and love relationships are what you crave as the month begins, with the sun in your social zone. You are in a more sociable and outgoing mood than normal. If you’re in a partnership, your lover will bring out the best in you; let them know how much you trust them. Secrets are shared or discovered as May ends.

Health- Some problem concerning your digestive system, go vegetarian fast and make things easier for your stomach.


Career- You are lucky to have it all. In business, you are taking the initiatives required for profitable ventures. You are also planning for travel. Don’t hold back from doing what you feel is right. On the work you will be showing the more assertive side of your nature. As May ends, the chance to add sparkle to relationships should not be overlooked.

Love - You are sure moving on from your past relationships and using your charm and flirtation to bewitch the members of the opposite sex. You are very observant of passes made to you and you surely respond well. Even so you know how to get around people when you need their help, support or assistance. Towards the end of the month, you will be more focussed with your friends.

Health- Some mental stress as to confusions in personal and professional life. You may constantly ask yourself which direction you are heading in life.


Career- Travel and long journeys are accentuated now. A change of scene will be a delight. This gives you the chance too, to think about your future as your mood is serious as May ends and you will be focused on your professional goals. Financially whatever decisions you take now will give you rewards later.


You will be attracted towards a very intelligent and a good person, whose interests in you will be genuine. If you feel good about the future you are planning together, you will encourage your loved-one to feel optimistic and cheerful too. Even if romance has been rocky of late, don’t think this is a situation that will continue. Happier times are around the next corner. A short holiday shared with close ones will bring pleasure and relaxation.

HEALTH - You could be prone to headaches and sleeplessness due to excessive mental strain.


Career - A friend might put an interesting proposal to you; if you’re being expected to invest in a new scheme, look into this very carefully. Take your time about anything new you take on. You might persuade a close friend or someone in the family to book a holiday soon. Plans that are changed on the spur-of-the-moment could work out quite lucky for you.

Love - Don’t feel guilty about wanting to have a little fun but do watch your spending. Joint long-term commitments may be made and these will have financial implications. A neighbour could introduce you to the partner of your dreams if you are single.

Health- You need to relax, as you are using up your energy very quickly in doing too many things at one time.


Career- Your mood is exotic this month. You so dearly wish to spread your wings and fly off to far off lands and be close to the nature. Your closest friend in work could get a better job prospect and there are emotional moods when she leaves work.

You need to watch what you say to avoid emotional scenes. In financial matters you may be lucky. May ends with financial matters and business deals being discussed in details.

Love - You will get more time with close friends and loved ones give you the chance to establish greater harmony in relationships now. You are starting to relate to your partner better than ever... A new understanding in close relationships is reached. There will be visible signs of improvements in your love life and compatibility.

HEALTH- You are enjoying the good life, and eating well too, but you are not giving much time for exercises.


Career- A bit of a routine life. You are also going through some really stressed period where nothing seems right. A regular dose of exercise will be very useful and later in life, you might decide to take these health and exercise routines more seriously. A detection of a small medical problem can cause some worry. Then towards the end of May you might see help from an old friend.

Love- Activities taking place in your home environment will be fun as the month begins. Friends and loved ones will have some excellent suggestions on how to inject more fun into your life. It’s a great time for family gatherings, parties and barbecues. The end of the month is a good time to focus on leisure activities and the more light hearted side of life and living. You may just find love among your friends!

Health- Some trouble with blood pressure, and pain in the chest.


Career- Some good news in the family like birth of a child, recovery from ill health, etc. You will be accurate in judgements regarding your professional life. Your family relationships aren't going on well, especially with a lady. Help from older people are on the charts. You may hear disturbing news about one of your close friends that may surprise you more than worry. This is also very good time for socializing, partying and enjoying the lighter side of life.

Love- The beginning of May is not a good time for love and romance and if you are thinking of proposing to someone, you should wait a little bit longer. You could meet someone very exiting at the end of this month, for that person will only bring speed to your life but a tinge of joy and happiness.

The end of the month is a great time too to communicate your thoughts and try to affect your plans to bring more fun into your life in the future..

Health- currently you can have blood related trouble and even breathing trouble.


Career- For some, a new professional/business opportunity will look to open up all sorts of great possibilities for the future. The start of May’s a wonderful time for joint ventures, investment and completion of pending projects. A task or venture which you've recently had difficulties with, now seems to be running well. Changes in your attitude towards life will bring positivity in your thoughts. Don't be in haste while going through detailed statements.

Love- A chance meeting with an old lover brings fond memories. That person may still wish to get involve romantically. This month brings mixed feelings of love, with much confusing and messed up feelings. Your friends bring fun and laughter in your life. Emphasis on your partnership zone as the month ends brings you and someone special closer and closer.

Health- All's good. Nothing worrying you regarding your health


Career - Relations strengthens between friends, family and loved. There will be positive exchange of ideas and views. You could even spread your wings and go for a vacation with your close ones. On the work front you may have trouble with your boss and some co-workers, who are planning something behind your back. You will hear rumours going on around you. Promises made to someone will be fulfilled.

Love- Summer brings some romantic dreams about someone. A passion ignites you and you are sure of your feelings. You may even be proposed in the most romantic way. There will be changes in your attitude, time scheduling and even abode, due to your new romantic relation... A sincere approach towards love may help you seal the relationship forever.

Health- problems with sugar and heart can crop up, causing concerns.

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