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Cyprus Report Cyprus Report
by Euro Reporter
2009-04-29 08:33:52
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Christofias, Turkey’s obligations

Cyprus does not object to Turkey’s course to the EU, but as a matter of principle it ``will not back down`` from demanding Ankara’s compliance with the responsibilities it has assumed both towards the EU and towards the Republic of Cyprus, President of the Republic Demetris Christofias has stressed. Speaking to the press after a ceremony for the Swedish contingents who have served with the UN Peace Keeping Force in Cyprus, in the presence of the Swedish FM Carl Bildt, Christofias referred to the remarks he made to Bildt during their meeting earlier today.

``We do not aim to stop Turkey’s course (to the EU). Our goal is even to assist Turkey to become a full-fledged member of the EU, provided that it fulfils its obligations towards Cyprus and the Union. However Turkey must first of all help itself, `` the President stressed. He added ``we are not the ones who will assist Turkey,`` noting ``Turkey must help itself and for that to happen it must fulfil its obligations, stemming from the Copenhagen Criteria and of course the EU decisions in 2005 and 2006 regarding Cyprus. Things are very simple. `` Christofias` remarks came after a statement made by Bildt who coupled the EU Commission assessment this coming December with the negotiating process for a Cyprus solution. Sweden will assume the EU rotating presidency in the second half of 2009.

Replying to a comment that Turkey’s assessment will be separated from the talks for a Cyprus solution, Christofias replied ``of course. We display good will, but we cannot back down for the sake of sparing Turkey from possible pressures or a possible punishment from the EU because it does not meet its responsibilities. This cannot be, it is a matter of principle and for the EU itself, `` the President concluded.


Inclusive and Sustainable Capital Cities

Nicosia is preparing to host the General Assembly of the Union of Capitals of the European Union (UCEU), between 29 to 31 of October 2009, the capital’s Mayor Eleni Mavrou has said.

Nicosia Mayor said the main issue of the General Assembly of UCEU will be `Inclusive and Sustainable Capital Cities`, which underlines the role of Nicosia as a capital of a state member of the European Union, forming a bridge between Europe and Middle East.

Mavrou was speaking at a press conference, given by the opportunity of the meeting of the Committee of the UCEU which will take place between 27 to 29 April in Nicosia, and will prepare the ground for the General Assembly of the Union. Nicosia has the presidency of the UCEU for 2009, taking over from Dublin.


Bildt, Cyprus issue

Sweden’s Foreign Minister Carl Bildt believes that a window of opportunity for the unification of Cyprus has opened. Speaking during a reception to mark the Swedish contribution to the UN Peace Keeping Force in Cyprus (UNFICYP), in the presence of Cyprus President Demetris Christofias, Bildt noted that the task of reunifying the island rests with the leaders of the two communities.

`The peace keeping operation was most successful in keeping the peace but not achieving the real goal which is the reunification of the island, ` Bildt said. Noting that ``the task of overcoming divisions rests with you, `` Bildt said that ``the international community, be that the UN or be that us, we are there to support and to facilitate.

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