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Greek Report Greek Report
by Euro Reporter
2009-04-07 09:10:24
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The NATO summit

The 60th Summit Meeting of NATO Heads of State and Government took place in Strasbourg on April 3, where Prime Minister Kostas Karamanlis met with US President Barack Obama discussed bilateral and international issues on the sidelines of the summit. Speaking at a press conference, Karamanlis noted that the Alliance had welcomed Obama's arrival in Europe and France's return to the military arm of NATO, as well as the accession of new members Albania and Croatia.

The premier added that Greece was in favour of further NATO enlargement, on condition, however, that candidate countries fully meet the membership conditions set out by NATO.

On Afghanistan – which topped summit talks - Karamanlis warned that the problems in Afghanistan cannot be resolved through purely military means, but humanitarian and developmental actions were also needed. As for Greece's contribution, the prime minister noted that Greece will assume command of Kabul International Airport in 2010 and for that purpose the Greek contingent will be reinforced.


Culture ministers in Athens

The Council of Ministers of Culture of South East Europe (SEE) took place on April 3 in Athens, within the framework of the Greek presidency 2008-2009. The participants were Albania, Bosnia Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Montenegro, FYROM, Romania, Serbia, and Turkey as well as representatives from the EU Council and UNESCO.

Greek Culture Minister Antonis Samaras inaugurated the opening workshop of the Council, the main goals of which are the promotion of culture as a means for the achievement of sustainable development and the creation of a discussion forum between culture ministers, governmental and nongovernmental organizations.


Mt. Athos splendour in Paris

After the exhibition "Byzantium 330-1453" organised by the Royal Academy of Arts in London, a considerable ensemble of treasures from the monastic community of Mt Athos will go on display in Paris for the first time outside Greece with 60 artefacts on public display for the first time outside the Holy Mountain.

The exhibition Mount Athos and the Byzantine Empire: Treasures of the Holy Mount opens at the Petit Palais on April 10 and runs through July 5.

It is organised jointly by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Holy Community of Mount Athos, in association with the Ministry of Culture. The exhibition "is a particularly important international cultural event […] that aspires to show France and the rest of Europe the traditions of Mount Athos," stressed FM Dora Bakoyannis at a press conference on April 1, presenting the exhibition.


4000 year-old traces of history

Excavations at the archaeological site of Archontikon at Giannitsa, a city in the region of Macedonia reveal traces of life – houses, vessels and clay ovens - during the prehistoric years, almost 4,000 years ago. The findings bear evidence of the prehistory of Macedonia - including activities such as agriculture, fishing and hunting - revealed by excavations carried out in recent years by the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. 

The prehistoric settlement of Archontikon was undoubtedly the most important in the region of Pella. During the Hellenistic and Roman periods, the site was under the control of Pella - capital of the Macedonian kingdom and later, a Roman colony.

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Alan2009-04-07 20:07:20
Extraordinary... 4,000 year old! And then there are some who try to cheat the name.

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