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The fall
by Bohdan Yuri
2016-04-27 09:25:06
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the skin touches, the flesh burns;
jerks from fearing singes,
fragile is its thought.
inclination presses on, confirmed,
planted by sure reason.
smothered in bright chrome,
dare again before it’s cold.
confused, our complex circuit
of stirred up reaction.

again, such tempered seasons
contest our barest struggles,
unfolding truths which lead astray
our most transparent of ways.
battle we must, such delicate skin,
choosing truth, or impulse stains,
tear me from the surface brim,
either way, the play can strain,
choose again each whittled day.
these sins, they must be mine,
the crimes reflect on what’s blind;
could not the heart be left as pure?
instead, the gifts are left for me,
to twist, to mold, even to hold.
the devil’s hand remains a choice
that most can stand on all alone.
saved, or plagued, I am by God’s plan
that I might cross unto distant lands.

barren soul, spoils, coldly charred,
spiral within such lasting flames.
in all of hades play the waltz
contend most loudly if you can.
stir the choir to fill those silent spaces
but demand not a voice from me.
I flow, instead, a stiff brown leaf
on top a crisp fall stream.



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Emanuel Paparella2016-04-27 11:31:45
This is poetry at its best, as the language of the soul hinting at the transcendent. Thanks for sharing.

bohdan yuri2016-04-29 06:44:40
Thank you for your kind comment.

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