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And that was March... And that was March...
by The Ovi Team
2009-04-01 09:55:16
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"If you look around
The whole world is coming together now, baby
Can you feel it?"

How often do you read an article that begins with lyrics from a song by The Jackson 5? Perhaps there is a good reason for that, but this time the opening lines of "Can You Feel It?" beautifully encompass the sentiment of spring that is blossoming around us - it is moving at a slower pace here in Finland, but, nevertheless, it is moving! There is a blackbird nesting on the balcony, black-out curtains are required once again and the snow is receding like a middle-aged man's hairline… yeah, can you feel it!

artcover_400_02 March was once of the most democratic Ovi Cover months we have enjoyed for a long time, with twenty different people being honoured with an extra slice of artwork for their voluntary contribution, and eight of those were either making their Ovi Cover debut or returning to the fold after a very long absence.

Ovi welcomed back Adam Graupe with his short story "Downsized and Drunk", Wyllie O Hagan with their St. Patrick's Day Online Film Festival and gave Rene Davila his first cover for his Children Stories for Grown-Ups. Ovi was happy to welcome astrologer Sidharth Kanjilal to the team with his monthly horoscope, Marko Kananen discussed the link between prostitution and sex trafficking, Cat Ellis made her debut with a piece on tourism in Iraq and Alexandra Pereira introduced the stunning photography of two friends, Ana Fradique and Edyson Dos Santos; Alexandra had her own cover for an article on Jari Marjamäki.

Binoy Kampmark bid farewell to Baghdad and greeted Kabul, Gush Shalom broached the subject of ten ways to kill Fatah and Edna Nelson delved into her mind to bring us a cartoon on loneliness. Nasrin Pourhamrang was another of our newcomers, but she notched up two covers in her first month with pieces on a philosopher and the Persian New Year, while Emanuel L. Paparella discussed Jürgen Habermas and Feminism.

Rene Wadlow observed International Women's Day and closed the month with the coming meeting between Obama and Medvedev, Linda Lane declared herself Minister or Secretary of Change in a Democratic Society and asked if you are still going to Guadalajara. Alexander Mikhaylov's new fictional story "You Are History" received two covers and Valerie Sartor's five-part series on "The Art of Guanxi" also celebrated a brace. Asa celebrated Barbie's 50th birthday, while Thanos picked fights with Europe's approach to the credit crunch, the shooting in Germany, China, spying and Austria's Mr. Fritzl.

Thanks to everybody for a great month and everybody here at Ovi wishes you a creative spring! Can you feel it!!!

The Ovi Team

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