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Swedish report Swedish report
by Euro Reporter
2009-03-29 09:13:13
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Bullet sent to Sweden's finance minister

A letter with a .22-calibre bullet arrived at the offices of Swedish Finance Minister Anders Borg on Thursday courtesy of a leftist extremist group angered by bonuses paid to executives at state-owned companies. “The bonus system costs hundreds of millions – a bullet in the neck is just a few kronor,” the letter stated, according to the website of the Revolutionära Front (‘Revolutionary Front’), which claimed responsibility for the correspondence.

The group published news of the letter on its website on March 10th, a full nine days before it reached the finance minister, according to the Politikerbloggen politics website. According to Politikerbloggen, the envelope had not been x-rayed beforehand, as is standard practice for all letters and packages sent to Swedish ministers and government office employees. In the letter to Borg, the group took issue with what it argued was the finance minister’s hypocritical approach to bonuses.

While the finance minister had spoken out against bonuses paid to the upper management of Sweden’s banks, he didn’t according to the Revolutionära Front “raise his voice about how the government last summer raised the bonuses for executives of state-owned companies”. Specifically, the group expressed anger over higher bonuses for leaders of the country’s AP pension funds, which are charged with managing Swedes’ public pensions.

A dangerous way to ask from the other to listen; it doesn’t matter how reasonable what you ask for!


Teacher injured

A teacher in Malmö was attacked in his classroom shortly before lunchtime on Thursday by three masked man. The 52-year-old teacher at Segervångs School was left with a bloodied face after the assailants, armed with knuckle dusters, burst into the class mid-lesson at 11.30am. The attack occurred after the men said the teacher's name and asked him to confirm his identity, newspaper Sydsvenskan reports.

The attackers left the scene with the teacher hot on their heels. With the aid of passers-by, the teacher was able to detain one of the men until the police arrived and placed him under arrest. The 21-year-old attacker has a previous record for crimes that include robbery. Police are continuing to search for the two remaining assailants. The teacher was taken to hospital to receive stitches.

And after dangerous activism, a dangerous …lesson!


Mickey Mouse radio and the police

A Mickey Mouse toy included with the most recent edition of the Disney character’s comic book has made a mockery of German police, who are investigating reports that it picks up scanner dispatches. “We’ve received reports and detectives are finding out whether it’s in violation of telecommunications law,” Hamburg police spokesperson Ulrike Sweden told the Hamburger Morgenpost.

The white mini-radio, about the size of two matchbooks, comes with issue 12 of the €3.20 Micky Maus comic book released on Monday, and officers have picked up several of the radios from newsstands to conduct tests. Concerned parents in Hannover have also notified authorities that their children were picking up police chatter on the radios, which look similar to iPods. But a Hannover police spokesperson told the paper that officials believe they are dealing with a limited problem. The comic book publisher Ehapa Verlag spokesperson Elke Schickedanz told the paper that the radio, manufactured in China, was “scrupulously tested at an institute for toy safety” and should only be able to tune into normal radio stations.

A Mickey Mouse situation!

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