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Polish report Polish report
by Euro Reporter
2009-03-23 09:00:20
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MySpace Polished out!

MySpace, which is one of the most famous Internet portals in the world, will leave Poland. Rupert Murdoch’s company decided to close its main bureau in Warsaw and move to Berlin. Everyone is surprised, because MySpace which appeared in Poland last October. Moreover - Anthony Lukon wanted to open also MySpace Music, which was supposed to sell legal music via the Internet.

On the other hand MySpace was not too popular in our country, what hindered progress in finding advertisements. This is main reason that MySpace is leaving our country.

Murdoch is not supporting entertainment but his pocket and that’s what people obviously missed!


Students can be good politicians

Former Polish president Lech Wałęsa encouraged students from the University of Gdańsk to become politicians. “Our previous generation had no chance to be famous and well known politicians because of the political system. Today the whole world is opened for you. You must make good use of your abilities” – said Wałęsa. He also appealed to students and persuaded them to become politicians even for 10 years. “Who will lead this country? Who will do it? You are prepared and well educated. Do not let uneducated people to lead you. We can see that even criminals can be politicians in this country. It is ridicules” – added the Nobel Prize winner.

According to Wałęsa our young generation has a great chance to choose the best solutions. But they must be more active. “You have to become politicians, you have to elect right people – and then our country will be better” – said Wałęsa.

Now correct me if I’m wrong but some of these students will become politicians one day or another, I don’t know anybody who actually born politician inside any parliament!


Here we go again

“Rudi Pawelka acts dump. He knows that Poland has never attacked Russia” – says Władysław Bartoszewski as a respond for Pawlka’s interview for the German Television. According to Pawelka who is chair of Silesian Association, Poland attacked Russia in 1920.

ARD presented a political debate about Erica Steinbach and her Association of Expellees. Also Polish TVP Info showed the debate. When the conversation moved to a topic about psychological damage of different nations, Rudi Pawelka took the floor. “We must remind that Poland attacked Russia in 1920 and started occupying Russian territories – said Pawelka.

The Silesian Association is a part of The Association of Expellees. They want to cultivate their own tradition connected with Silesia. There are around 200 thousand members of this association, mostly Germans.

When are they going to stop this?

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Emanuel Paparella2009-03-23 11:44:57
To answer the last question: probably when the Newropeans so called begin to remember that to neglect one's history and the lessons therein, means to condemn oneself to repeat it, or as Tony Judt puts it, to misremembering.

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