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Austrian report Austrian report
by Euro Reporter
2009-03-15 09:15:10
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Policeman doesn’t want to pay for brothel visits

Divorce and problems with the son because of his new girlfriend, a policeman from Vienna was searching for diversion from his everyday life agonies, and found his luck with young prostitutes in brothels. But the 44-year-old policeman was not happy about the cost for such kind of services.

He decided not to pay, and told lies that his credit card was stolen and someone else was having fun in those night clubs. The credit card company believed him several times, but after a lot of “stolen” credit cards in a short time, the fraud turned out to be obvious.

The policeman’s party life was finally over. He was sentenced to a conditional prison term of 6 months. The 44-years-old is able to keep his job as policeman, but has to accept a wage cut. His comment in court: “I still can’t believe that I have wasted so much money in brothels.” 5.000 Euro in one night was no infrequence. The verdict is legally valid.

Fine, I have no comment because I …cannot stop laughing!!!


Advertising campaign against …dog dirt!!!

The city government of Vienna started a new advertising campaign against excrements of dogs in parks and streets. Dog owners should receive the motivation to remove the dirt of their dogs when they see those advertisements. One of the advertising slogans is “Geld Scheisser” which means something like “Money Shithead” and should remind the people that one piece of a not disposed dog dirt costs 36 Euro fine. The advertisement poster with the lettering “Money Shithead” is illustrated with a black poodle.

The Social democrats, who are responsible for the campaign, confirm that the advertisements are consciously aggressive and provocative. The Social democratic female city council for environment protection said that dog dirt is direct, and so the campaign against such kind of phenomenon has to be direct as well.

Even advertisements in radio programs are planned. The speaker should be the famous Austrian comedian Alfred Dorfer. Critical citizens are not very happy about such a strategy. Although the sympathy value of dog dirt is usually quite low, the advertising campaign against it is labelled as vulgar and useless.

Again …no comment or better …no shit!!!


Against …celibacy!

A pastor from the province of Upper Austria declared his violent aversion against the celibacy during a panel discussion last weekend. The pastor has a girlfriend himself, and no respect anymore for his accomplished promise. He also thinks that the celibacy causes a lack of pastors in Austria, and this should be a good reason to cancel such a commitment in the Roman Catholic Church. The pastor also said that he has no fear of the revenge from the pope because of his words. “I am going to retire next year anyway”, he explained.

The pastor justified his unusual lifestyle for someone in his function that “the conscience is always the last resort.” He also said that “God is more respectable than humans.” Pastors who marry and beget many children make the church more human and plausible, is the persuasion of the pastor from Upper Austria. His biggest wish is the official end of the celibacy.

Bless him!!!

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