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Horoscope: March 2009
by Sidharth Kanjilal
2009-03-02 10:40:50
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Horoscope: March 2009

Sidharth Kanjilal is an Astrologer, Numerologist and Feng Shui consultant. He makes personal detailed Birth charts also from a person's date and place of birth. From his guidances and suggestions, people and corporate clients across the world benefit from a better and richer life. He can be contacted at sidkan7_artist@yahoo.com and sid20483@yahoo.com.


horoscopeVenus entered your sign in February, augmenting your overall charm and perhaps bringing gifts, money, and favors your way. This month, Venus moves "backwards", and it's time for introspection. This is particularly true after the 15th, when Mars enters Pisces, the sign just behind yours. It's time to revise your plans and put off new initiatives until you have more confidence in them. Others may not be getting you--perhaps misunderstanding your intentions--for the time being. A partner may be distant. A New Moon on the 26th brings new discoveries and a feeling of newness to your life. Still, take your time before moving forward. The Full Moon on the 10th brings some chaos on the job front, but nothing you can't handle. The first week of March is strong for business income, friendships, and group associations. It's an unusual month in which you are inclined to retreat yet others are vying for your attention. Use March for budgeting rather than buying, resting if you can, and revising plans.

Venus, your ruler, turns retrograde this month, signaling a period of reflection. You are likely to pull back a little, as you take the time to revise and perhaps question your plans. Matters from the past creep up and demand your attention. This is a good month in which to solve old problems and finally lay them to rest. Nevertheless, your public or professional life is quite busy, particularly in the first week of March.. Friends are supportive. Despite your inclination towards retreat and rest, your social agenda is hectic. There is bound to be some drama in your romantic life, particularly around the 10th. A lover (and in some cases, a child) needs some attention, and it's time to sort that out. A surprise surrounding a friend or family member is likely on the 12-13.


Some complications surrounding friends and lovers are quite possible this month, and you're likely to find these people in your life dredging up old issues. Give others space. There's a lot of activity on the career front in March. While you begin the month in an adventurous mood, you quickly realize that there are a lot of responsibilities to take care of. Family matters grab your attention as well, around the 10th, and then on the 12-13, surprising events and communications occur through your work. The 1-2 brings excitement surrounding a travel opportunity. Strong days of opportunity occur on the 2-5 and then the 10. Watch for pressure build-up on the 18.

There are some wonderful and perhaps surprising opportunities that have to do with legal affairs, travel, or education this month, particularly around the 12-13 and 21-23. Nevertheless, complications and setbacks are likely, but are only temporary. Career matters could be causing you some concern, but try not to fret over details. Instead, come up with a better game plan. April will bring opportunities to begin anew. A relationship is reaching new depths of intimacy in March, and there's quite a bit of talk and activity that stimulate changes in how you approach each other, particularly in the first week of the month.

Your close personal relationships continue to take center stage in your life this month, dear Leo. A close partner could seem a little mysterious or even elusive, but this only serves to intrigue you more. It's a good month for deepening a connection, but do prepare yourself for some communication snafus. Travel, legal, or educational plans may not be moving forward at the speed you'd like them to be. The 10th brings some financial matters to light, demanding your attention. Likely, money shared, borrowed, or loaned will be big topics on the table now. In fact, some surprising events surrounding shared possessions and funds, as well as intimate matters, are likely around the 12-13 and 21-23. The 12-13 also brings an exciting connection with a lover.

The month begins with a strong focus on your health and work routines, dear Virgo. You could be digging up interesting information now, and there is likely to be quite a fuss over it in the first week of the month. The focus turns to a close partnership or friendship towards mid-month, when a special someone could be putting his/her cards on the table. While it's not a time to sweep matters under the rug, some care should be taken in all love matters this month, particularly those surrounding shared finances and intimacy. It's a good month for redesigning your budget, but it's not strong for making big purchases. You could easily regret your purchases next month, so take the time to think about it before you leap forward. The 10th brings a surprising revelation.

March brings a more serious tone than February, dear Libra, although the first week is likely still about "fun and games". Work matters become increasingly into focus, and you are feeling more introspective. It's not that you lack confidence, but you tend to recognize the need to look within for answers. Questioning your plans is likely, and in fact quite necessary. A close partner may be distant or hard to read this month as well. Some disconnects in the love department are likely. These will clear up mid-April. For now, try not to push matters (or others). Give them space, and give yourself space as well. Surprises on the job or regarding health are likely on the 12-13 and 21-23. The 11-12 also brings some fabulous news and highly motivating conversations.

You're moving towards a more playful and fun frame of mind in March, dear Scorpio. Romantic surprises are likely around the 12-13 and 21-23. There could also be surprising turns of events surrounding creative projects, children, and family matters during these periods. Invitations to go out and have some fun should be grabbed. While love matters do pick up pace, some care is necessary when it comes to a close partnership. You might find that a partner is a little distant or hard to reach this month. These matters will clear up mid-April, and simply require you to be patient and understanding. The 10th brings your obligations to friends or groups to light. Going over past errors or problems is likely on the job.


The first week of March continues the busy theme of last month for you dear Sagittarius, after which life settles down a tad. While there are bound to be some surprises on the home front, particularly on the 12-13 and 21-23, your focus is on settling in and keeping the peace.. The 10th brings the culmination of an important work project or a scurry of activity on the job. Events occur that highlight your responsibilities in your professional life. From the 6th and until mid-April, a lover may be distant or in a phase of rethinking matters. You might also take this time to re-assess your goals on a romantic level.

The month begins with continued attention to your personal finances, dear Capricorn. You have big ideas about how to increase your income. While you will continue to brainstorm about money-making endeavors in March, your attention also turns to learning, communicating, and networking. A surprise communication is likely on the 12-13, and work brings unanticipated events on the 21-23. If a lover seems distant or a love affair appears to stall this month, it just means that it's time to reassess matters. You could also find that you experience creative blocks this month, which will clear up mid-April.


The first week of March is very busy for you, dear Aquarius. You are getting a lot of work, and others are turning to you for advice. Money matters become a big focus from the 8th forward, and unanticipated events surrounding your personal finances are likely, particularly on the 12-13 and 21-23. Responsibilities to others, particularly on a financial level, become hard to ignore around the 10th. The 12-13 is also a strong period for enhancing or attracting a close partnership. Creative projects could bring financial reward this month.


March is a good month for re-evaluate your finances and even for planning for financial investment, money invested now can prove beneficial in the future. But dear Pisces, it's not a favorable time for making heavy domestic purchases. If you do make a big shopping, you are likely to regret it next month. There is a good chance to meet someone very influential. From the 8th forward, you're getting a lot of attention. A partner has your wants and needs in mind, and work matters are favored. Your responsibilities to a special someone are hard to ignore around the Full Moon on the 10th.

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Emanuel Paparella2009-03-02 11:32:58
What did Jung say? Throw religion out the window and it will come back from the back door via astrology or palm reading, or numerology, or evem idolatry. Come to think of it however, astrology and numerology have always been part of religion and a belief in a purposeful cosmos and the connection of our lives to that purpose. The ancients,from Pythagoras all the way to Plato and the Stoics knew that mathematics is the language of the cosmos and it reveals an intelligent design and a moral law and that our destiny is written in the stars, even the atheist Carl Sagan knew that much, for it the big bang had happened a millionth of a second before or after its whole history, and our history too, would have been radically different. Awsome, as the saying goes, and food for thought.

Asa2009-03-02 11:52:24
I bet you still read your own star sign though ;)

Emanuel Paparella2009-03-02 14:18:46
Of course Asa. Jung who was convinced that God was a reality of the first order would have done the same. Not so Freud who was an atheist. Consider this exchange between the two:

*Short excerpts of correspondence between Freud and Jung, taken from The Freud/Jung Letters (Abridged Edition) 1979: In May of 1911 Dr. Carl Jung wrote his (at that time) mentor Sigmund Freud saying: "Occultism is another field we shall have to conquer - with the aid of the libido theory, it seems to me. At the moment I am looking into astrology, which seems indispensable for a proper understanding of mythology. There are strange and wondrous things in these lands of darkness." Jung, then, cautiously added: "Please don't worry about my wanderings in these infinitudes. I shall return laden with rich booty for our knowledge of the human psyche.... For a while longer I must intoxicate myself on magic perfumes in order to fathom the secrets that lie hidden in the abysses of the unconscious..."

Freud responded: "I am aware that you are driven by innermost inclination to the study of the occult and I am sure you will return home richly laden. I cannot argue with that, it is always right to go where your impulses lead." Freud, then, added this prophetic caution: "You will be accused of mysticism, but the reputation you won with the Dementia will hold up for quite some time against that. Just don't stay in the tropical colonies too long, you must reign at home."

Of course that was before the two broke with each other.

Emanuel Paparella2009-03-02 14:31:32
(continued from above)
Jung's calculating of horoscopes continued on during the rest of his long and productive life. It's further known that, when challenged by an especially perplexing case, Jung would arrange to have the patient's birth chart cast in order to gain more insight into the individual.

In a letter written to written to Hindu astrologer, B.V. Raman, September 6th 1947 - Dr. Jung wrote: "Since you want to know my opinion about astrology I can tell you that I've been interested in this particular activity of the human mind since more than 30 years. As I am a psychologist, I am chiefly interested in the particular light the horoscope sheds on certain complications in the character. In cases of difficult psychological diagnosis I usually get a horoscope in order to have a further point of view from an entirely different angle. I must say that I very often found that the astrological data elucidated certain points which I otherwise would have been unable to understand. From such experiences I formed the opinion that astrology is of particular interest to the psychologist, since it contains a sort of psychological experience which we call 'projected' - this means that we find the psychological facts as it were in the constellations."

Eventually Jung moved to the field of alchemy which he found even more productive than that of astrology. The genius of Jung was that he saw all these occult practices within a context of man's religiosity which he considered intrinsic part of human nature.

Clint2009-03-03 13:09:10
I'm a true believer but if I trip over a black cat whilst walking under a ladder on Friday the 13th I'll have to start reading Jung

minna2009-03-12 18:00:16
hi sidharth, astrologer.
i am minna, i wish you could tell me my whole life astrology and forecast, could i email you?

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