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Jari Marjamäki's Gigs
by Alexandra Pereira
2009-03-01 10:39:37
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Jari Marjamäki, aka Zentex the musical chameleon, or DJ Yari the non-Russian fellow, or former “Mechanical Ballet” show host for Lisbon-based Oxygen radio station – featuring techno, minimal electronic and electro –, or one of the founders of the art collective and club organization Pulsar (responsible for some of the most vibrating Iberian concerts and events in recent years), or minimalist techno sound artist, is a Finnish producer and musician.

Yari was born in Turku, Finland, lives in Lisbon since the early nineties and begun his career in the mid-nineties, as a programmer and producer for indie bands, later becoming a DJ and a solo artist himself (his first collaborations were with the musical projects Imago and XL).

Connected with Ambient, Minimal, Techno, Electro, House and Electronica musical genres, he has performed in places like the  Numero Festival, UMF Festival (Finland), Boom Festival, SBSR, Optimushype, Blue Spot, major clubs like The Loft (Barcelona), Lux and MusicBox (Lisbon), Industria (Porto) and alongside artists like Miss Kittin, Thomas Brinkmann, Riley Reinhold, Steve Barnes, Luomo/Vladislav Delay, Sami Koivikko, Legowelt, Jori Hulkkonen, Zombie Nation, TBA, Portable, To Rococo Rot, Undo & Vicknoise, Antalgic, Producers, Micro Audio Waves, Raum Für Projektion, Tim Elzer, Tra$h Converters or Body Code.

Prolific and hard-working musicholic, he is also involved, either as a musician or as a producer, in the works of his side-projects Strip (improv electronica), 3 Wyze Men (Dub/Reggae), Deestant Rockers (Dub/Dubstep) and Monokone (techno), besides running Pulsar’s club nights, collaborating with several visual and performative artists and organizing improvised electronic music sessions.

Yari has released his music through Cologne’s Boxer Recordings, Berlin’s Resopal Red, the Portuguese Bloop Recordings, Plot and Sui Generiz. While wearing his alter-ego mask as Zentex, he explores “minimal electronica/techno minimal and deep microhouse sounds, some electro plus occasional ambient moments” (BioniC). Gui Boratto, Alex Under or Cosmic Sandwich have remixed his sounds, while Yari remixed works by Jussipekka(Pokerflat) and Antalgic(Bloop).

Photos by Zentex and BioniC

Official Website Zentex

Music Labels:

Boxer, Resopal, Bloop, Plot, Sui Generiz, Archipel, Traum, Absolut Freak, Minisketch


Napa | (V.A. Interkontinental 4) Traum | Traum cd17
Käyrä | Kickboxer | KB 002
Joulu | Bloop recordings | Bloop 001
Löytötavara | (V.A. Interkontinental 5) Traum | Traum V72 / Traum cd19
Pimiö | Kickboxer | KB 008
Kuitu | Kickboxer | KB 12
Alku | Resopal Red | RSP Red 11
Saha | Bloop Recordings 1201
Menosa | Minisketch Vir 08
Jussi Pekka: Lost (Zentex remix) | Frozen North Recordings 10
Popof: Vabern(Zentex remix) | Absolut Freak 006
Triton/Jenga EP | Minisketch 500
Fiilis EP | Archipel 037

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