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Czech report Czech report
by Euro Reporter
2009-03-01 10:39:20
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Obama's visit to Prague

U.S. President Barack Obama's probable visit to the Czech Republic in April to attend an EU-U.S. summit will turn Prague, the venue of the event, into a closely guarded city. Czech police will check, in cooperation with their U.S. colleagues, the routes Obama's armoured limousine will take on the way from Prague's Ruzyne airport and inside the city as well as the buildings that will host the meetings Obama will attend and in which he will stay if he decides to spend the night in the Czech Republic.

The chefs who will be preparing meals for Obama will also be under control. Police will not only protect Obama during the EU-U.S. summit. If the White House officially announces the Prague EU-U.S. summit with Obama representatives of the 27 EU member states will arrive in Prague.

About time for the Czech Republic to meet a …democratic American!


Corruption scandal at the Defence Ministry

Czech police are investigating 51 people in connection with alleged 30 fraudulent tenders worth 300 million crowns, anti-corruption police spokesman Roman Skrepek said. Defence Ministry spokesman Andrej Cirtek said one-third of the accused was former ministry staffers, the rest people from the private sector. The bids mainly related to small construction and reconstruction works, maintenance of property, heating and cleaning.

Out of the 51 accused, 18 are being prosecuted over criminal conspiracy, Skrepek said, adding that the police believed that mutual links would be proved. If convicted, the accused will be sentenced up to ten years in prison or forfeiture of property. Cirtek said the bids related to 2005 and 2006, when the office was headed by Karel Kuehnl (now defunct Freedom Union-Democratic Union, US-DEU). "The group was supposedly led by five persons who organised the cooperation of the persons in a lower position within the conspiracy," Skrepek said.

They were definitely too ….defensive!


Crisis in health sector

The health insurance contributions the Czech state pays for selected groups of people will rise as of 2010, daily Pravo says today, adding that the state also ponders abolishing the income cap above which the client's health insurance contributions do not increase. The measures are to bring more money to the insurance system and avert the health sector's pending financial crisis, the paper writes.

The health insurance system's budget is threatened with up to 8 billion-crown gap in revenues, it says.
Under the health insurance law, the state contributions for children, students, pensioners and the unemployed, a total of 5.8 million people, will be increased to 790 crowns from the present 677 crowns per person as of next year. This will bring an additional 8 billion crowns to the insurance system, deputy finance minister Eduard Janota told the paper.

The system is in a real …coma!

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