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Polish report Polish report
by Euro Reporter
2009-02-17 10:14:20
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European Football Championships in Poland

“It is not possible that the next European Football Championship Tournament will take place in Germany” – said Polish Minister of Sport and tourism of the Republic of Poland – Mirosław Drzewiecki.  According to German press UEFA is in talks with the German Football Federation about the next European Championship Tournament. Also Fraznz Beckenbauer confirmed that UEFA contacted him and asked about Euro 2012 – informs TVN 24.

“WE do not need German’s help. I think that Germany cannot talk with UEFA about organization Euro 2012 in their country. UEFA has signed an agreement with Poland and Ukraine, and both countries are perfectly carrying out their responsibilities” added Drzewiecki.

It sounds to me that the Polish government always try to find a chance to be bitter to Germany!


Civic Platform and Law and Justice are most popular in Poland

According to the last survey of the Public Opinion Research Center, 45 % of Polish society supports Civic Platform. This party is the most popular in Poland, only 14 % of respondents said that they did not like Civic Platform.

Second place goes to Law and Justice that is supported by 18 % of Polish society. But as much as 40 % of respondents do not like this party. Only 5 % of Polish people support Alliance of Democratic Left. It is enough to reach an electoral threshold to Polish Parliament. Polish People’s Party is only supported by 4 % of Poles. 55 % of respondents are interested in taking part in the next parliamentary election, while 27 % of them would not vote.

As long they are not going to stop in the theory but they do it practice also …


Die once again

Polish daily “Życie Warszawy” writes that actors from Warsaw will put on a show that should remind the bravery attempt on the life of General Franz Kutschera, SS commander in Warsaw during World War II.
Outdoor stage production will take place at crossroads of Ujazdowska and Piękna Streets in Warsaw next Sunday. 70 people will try to prepare very realistic show.  “I cannot call it as a reconstruction. It will rather be the play that show us realistic Warsaw from that time” – says Jarosław Kuczyński from the Association of Tradition of the Home Army.

Fraz Kutschera, who was called “executioner from Warsaw”, was killed by Polish young soldiers from a special unit called “Pegaz” (later “Parasol”). The bravery action took place on the 1st February 1944.

At least he is dead …for good!

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