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Danish report Danish report
by Euro Reporter
2009-02-09 10:30:01
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Wearing headscarves

The National Police is the latest organization to face the question of whether there is room for personal convictions in public institutions. The National Police will not follow the example of Norway, which announced on Thursday that it would allow women officers to wear Muslim headscarves.  'As the uniform regulations are right now, it is not permitted to wear headscarves in uniform,' said chief constable Lene Frank in a press release.

She added, however, that no officers had challenged the rule, and said that requests to wear a hijab, a scarf worn over the head and neck and covers all but the face, would be addressed on a case by case basis. The National Police now joins a growing list of national institutions facing the question of whether to allow Muslim women to wear headscarves. After heated debate, parliament last year permitted members to wear a hijab, but not a full-body burkha when addressing the assembly. The courts are currently considering whether it would allow a judge to wear a headscarf should the issue arise. The decision by the police force makes Denmark the only remaining Scandinavian country without a policy allowing officers to wear a hijab. Norway's move follows a decision by the Swedish police in 2006 that allow its officers to wear religious headgear such as hijabs, turbans and Jewish skull caps. In Norway the move was made as a way to open the force up to Muslim women. Denmark is engaged in a similar effort, but representatives for police officers say maintaining an image of impartiality comes before cultural considerations.

Perhaps a new style of uniform?


A chef in Denmark

British television chef Jamie Oliver is taking a stand in favor of British bacon, to the detriment of one of Denmark’s biggest exports. Oliver’s new investigative show, ‘Jamie saves our bacon’, on Britain’s Channel 4, examines the production of pork from the field to the supermarket shelf and looks at the conditions faced by the pigs. As part of the eight-part show, Oliver visited some Danish Crown pig production plants in Denmark. Channel 4 said that ‘Danish Crown agreed to take him [Oliver] around some farms, but when he arrived they were reluctant to show him any farms other than those with higher than average welfare standards. These would still only meet the UK's minimum requirements.’ One of Oliver’s main points of contention was the use of sow pens by European farmers. The pens can be used to house pregnant female pigs and allows them room to stand and sit, but not turn around. The pens are illegal in Britain and a similar move will apply to all EU countries by 2013.

The Danish Bacon and Meat Council (DBMC) said in a statement that it had been happy to participate in the programme, but felt that Danish farmers had been portrayed in an unfair light compared to their British counterparts. ‘The editing of the programme implied that the Danish industry wanted to “hide” sow stalls from Jamie Oliver. This was absolutely not the case - we have been open and honest with the programme makers throughout the research and filming process. We took the decision to show Jamie the farms that represent the vast majority of Danish pork and bacon sold in the UK.’

Next question should be …what’s that smell?


Erotic Museum facing bankrupts

Copenhagen’s Museum Erotica may soon have to put its entire collection up for sale if it cannot find investors by the end of the week. A last-minute back-out by potential investors has left the Museum Erotica in Copenhagen facing bankruptcy. The City Council’s cultural committee has turned down a request to support the museum and the museum’s chief executive, Hanne Stensgaard, said the museum is facing the sale of its extensive collection.

Stensgaard told The Copenhagen Post that they are currently in the process of rebuilding the museum but are approximately two to three million kroner short due to a lack of investors. ‘We’ve been hopeful [of securing investors] for a long time and miracles can happen, but if we don’t get the funding within a week, we will have to close.’ The museum is home to more than 1,500 artifacts and pictures depicting erotica through the ages. If the museum is declared bankrupt then the collection will have to be sold off. The museum plays host to dedicated exhibitions chronicling the life and times of Playboy magazine and Marilyn Monroe among others. A dress worn by the American actress is also displayed.

Exhibit erotic!!!

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