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Italian report Italian report
by Euro Reporter
2009-01-27 10:05:12
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Mosque preaching in Italian

Preaching in mosques in Italy should be carried out in Italian to avoid any risk of instigation to hatred or violence, warned Gianfranco Fini. The leader of the Chamber of Deputies, speaking in the course of an official visit to the United Arab Emirates, said: “The crown prince, Mohammed Bin Zayed, is firmly convinced that in Italy, as elsewhere, preaching of the Koran should be carried out in the language of the host country. This is necessary so that, as is the case in the Emirates, there should be no preaching or instigation of violence on an occasion that should be exclusively religious”.

According to Mr. Fini, this is “a serious issue that should be borne in mind, especially in Italy, in consideration of the superficiality with which such complex topics are approached in our country”.

That is going to be an interesting …evolution!


New Age treatments

Merano hospital is following in the footsteps of the M.D. Anderson Center in Houston, America’s most prestigious cancer institute. Over the next few months, the Alto Adige healthcare facility will be launching a complementary medicine outpatient service for cancer sufferers.

But there have already been objections. Doctors at the hospital and the provincial medical association have criticized the decision, which ring-fences one million Euros of public money, because there is no scientific proof that the treatments are effective. “We’ll be seeking maximum transparency”, says Michele Comberlato, chair of the medical association. What some people call New Age therapies are actually a variety of complementary treatments, ranging from acupuncture to traditional Chinese medicine, homeopathy, phytotherapy, manual medicine and osteopathy. These techniques do not replace standard cancer therapies but are intended to be used in parallel, with the aim of improving the patient’s quality of life.

“It’s a pilot project just approved by the provincial council”, explains Pierpaolo Bertoli, the assistant medical director of Merano hospital. “If it produces results, it will be extended to other hospitals in the province”. About 80% of cancer patients in Alto Adige already use complementary medicines. “Patients will pay 70% of the cost and the price will be controlled”, continues Mr. Bertoli. “The service will be part-financed by this income”. The councilor with responsibility for health, Richard Theiner, adds: “Complementary medicine is not one of the free services provided by the national system”. If the experiment yields positive results over two years, the service will also be made available to patients with other conditions like sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis.

In the future we might have to choose between doctors and …wizards!!!


Charge to stay

A charge of 10-400 Euros is to be levied, not as a residence tax but as a fee, for the issue or renewal of residence permits. The news of the Northern League amendment to the security bill came from interior ministry sources and was confirmed by the prime minister’s office. Fifty Euros was the ballpark figure mentioned for the charge immigrants would have to pay for a permit. Clarification came on Tuesday evening during Silvio Berlusconi’s “friendly telephone conversation” with the interior minister, Roberto Maroni. According to informed sources, it has been established that the charge will not be the same as the so-called “residence tax”. Instead, it will be a contribution to costs, similar to charges levied in most European countries for the issue of residence permits, ranging from 10-400 Euros.

What about …breathing or is it still free?

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AP2009-01-27 16:55:42
News missing: just this week, Berlusconi caused another major scandal when he said that many more soldiers were needed on the streets of Italy to prevent... rapes! Now tell me, is the man an idiot, or isn't he??! AND I suppose 2 or 3 soldiers would be needed just to control him!!

Emanuel Paparella2009-01-28 07:23:55
Fellini used to see life as a circus of sort, and of course every proper circus has its clowns. What is the name of the song, "bring in the clowns." Indeed, without clowns we'd soon get bored of seeing the same movie again and again, even if that movie has Burt Lancaster as the Prince of Salina... suggesting that "we need to change everything in Italy so that everything remains the same."

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