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Luxembourg report Luxembourg report
by Euro Reporter
2009-01-11 10:08:54
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Grand Duke Jean turns 88

Luxembourg's former monarch - he abdicated in 2000 in favor of his son Henri, the current Grand Duke - ascended to the throne in 1964 at the age of 43. He was born Jean Benoit Guillaume Robert Antoine Louis Marie Adolphe Marc d’Aviano, the first child of Grand Duchess Charlotte and Prince Felix, at Schloss Berg in 1921. He had been Crown Prince since he was 18.

In 1953 he married Belgian Princess Josephine Charlotte, sister of Belgian King Baudouin I. They had five children: Grand Duke Henri, Princess Marie-Astrid, Princess Marghareta, Prince Jean and Prince Guillaume.

Happy birthday then, Duke!


Students call

The UNEL student's union has demanded a greater say in the operation of Luxembourg University.

At a press conference yesterday, Nico Fehlen, union president, accused the University of treating them like primary school pupils. He called for greater student representation on the Conseil de Governance (just one student place is available at present) to enable students have a greater say.

The UNEL also called for an end to unpaid internships for technical apprentices, as students had a right to earn money to finance their studies.


Popular baby names

The most popular names given to babies born in Luxembourg during 2008, according to the Wort, are Lena, Laura, Lea, Lara, Mara, Eva, Sara, Emily and Caroline for girls, and Noah and Luca, followed closely by Tim, Tom, Yann, Sam and Fynn, for boys.

Various ethnic groups had their own favorites, e.g. Cristiano for the Portuguese, and a number of names had variations, such as Sara / Sarah, or Finn / Fynn.

Emily and William were the most common names for newborn babies in Britain in 2008, followed by Matilda, Olivia, Thomas and Jack. In the USA, Aidan, Ethan, Noah and Kaden were the most popular boys' names, and for girls it was Ava, Isabella, Madeline and Emma.

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Jean Anne Kavale2009-03-01 23:28:16
Happy Birthday, Grand Duke Jean! My family's connection to the Luxembourg Royal Family began in May 1947 when my dad,then-Brig.Gen.Howard L.Peckham, headed the American Graves Registration Command (AGRC) in Europe. He joined Grand Duchess Charlotte in a Memorial Day broadcast from the American Cemetery in Luxembourg, a tape of which NBC later sent to my family. I'll never forget the sound of her beautiful words as she spoke movingly about the sacrifice of the American war dead in her country and about Gen. Patton, who was laid to rest there. In 1948 Dad spoke again at that cemetery,which was about to close temporarily so that the war dead to be returned to the U.S. could be unearthed and the others reinterred. I snapped a picture of Dad with the handsome Prince Jean, who was sitting in a chair beneath the speaker's stand. (A biography of my dad published in 2008, A Salute to Patriotism: The Life and Work of Major General Howard L. Peckham, includes several chapters about his work with the AGRC at its headquarters in Paris.)

maria2010-03-31 04:25:55
this is a pointless report

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