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And that was December... And that was December...
by The Ovi Team
2009-01-06 11:04:42
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How many online magazines ended the year with an article entitled 'Bocephus, the Hound Dog's, Environmental Theory'? How many even had the word 'Bocephus'? Well, there was at least one and you obviously know that you are reading it right now! Leah Sellers capped off a grand year for Ovi magazine with her surreal article, although we suspect her Bocephus wasn't referring to Hank Williams, Jr. and his famous nickname.

It was an incredible year and, as per usual, obscenely fast. 2008's 52 weeks flew by and we have already notched up one week of 2009… insane! However, December is our focus in this covers' issue and the Ovi team were careful not to be too Christmas obsessed. Granted, Thanos and Asa kicked off another instalment of Matti and Mika's festive adventures but we kept Christmas as low-key as possible.

Bocephus wasn't Leah Sellers only cover success during December, she also saw both her 'Rights Wronged or Wrongs Righted?' and 'The Pursuit of Life, Liberty, Happiness and Healthcare' receive recognition. Leah wasn't the only cover hat-trick with Ovi's newbie Edna Nelson scooping covers for 'You have the power', 'Happy Birthday Ovi!' and 'Is it Hanukkah Yet?'

Tahir Khan reminded us of the anniversary of the Bhopal disaster and also covered the shoe throwing incident at President Bush. Alexandra Pereira wrote an open letter to Santa and began a multi-part look at the Portuguese and Spanish slave trade with assistance from her sister Ana Pereira. Emanuel L. Paparella discussed Appiah and Jegede's African concept of a postcolonial art and tackled the subject of art in the era of the Internet.

Akli Hadid contributed a great three-part series on 'Life as an expatriate', Rene Wadlow commemorated Human Rights Day, Christopher Wilkinson offered another 'Thought for the Day', N. L. Wilbur shared his thoughts on the hope offered by 'experts' to generation Y2BD, Jan Sand's poem "Desperate Song" was honoured with a cover and Ovi debutant Kourosh Ziabari collected a cover for his interview with Anousheh Ansari, Iran's first space explorer.

We had received a number of complaints from our intrepid Euro Reporter that he was doing a great deal of hard work but was continually overlooked for cover recognition, so he was awarded two covers just to keep his ego happy. The Ovi team wrote a piece to bring much-needed attention to World Aids Day, especially with a well-advertised war against terror making us forget that there is another war against horror that kills thousands.

Asa asked you whom or what should be our Person or Event of the Year and finally reviewed one of the greatest epics Gone With the Wind. Thanos reviewed Slaves: A True Story for International Day for the Abolition of Slavery, expressed his outrage over the events surrounding the Athens' riots, described Mugabe as the cholera of Africa and paid his last respects to Harold Pinter.

And that was 2008… what a year for us all and we can only hope that 2009 provides us with more good than bad, more hope than despair, more optimism than pessimism and more life than death. We can only hope…

The Ovi Team

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Eva2009-01-06 11:49:13
Indeed, let's hope for a good 2009...

Emanuel Paparella2009-01-06 15:12:06
Way to go Ovi. For the new year I wish the editorship great success. It will continue, no doubt, as long as it keeps up the good work in support of the values of freedom of speech and diversity of views and opinions. As long as the magazine resists the pressure and temptation by authoritarian personalities to deemphasize those values and turn it into some kind of mutual admiration society with a monolithic ideological slant, it will be faithful to its proclaimed mission as a magazine of opinion and will consequently be found attractive by the vast majority of readers. Ad majorem.

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