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British report British report
by Euro Reporter
2009-01-04 10:58:04
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New bank bail-out

A further bailout for the UK's banks is being considered by the government, Treasury sources have confirmed.  Chancellor Alistair Darling is creating a new package of measures aimed at tackling the economic slowdown, with a fresh cash injection a possibility.  Sources say no decisions have been made but creating a "bad bank" where "toxic assets" could be left or exchanged for government bonds, is being considered.

The government has already pumped £37bn into shoring-up struggling banks. However, despite pressure from ministers after the part-nationalization of Royal Bank of Scotland, Lloyds TSB and HBOS, the institutions have yet to ease restrictions on lending.  The ability of businesses and homebuyers to obtain credit is seen as key to economic recovery.

And let’s see who is going to …bail out the unemployed and the underpaid!


Celebrity Big Brother returns

Celebrity Big Brother's return has proved a hit with viewers with more than 5.5 million tuning in to watch. But it was still down on the 7.3 million who watched Channel 4's 2007 launch, and before a racism row led to 2008's series being cancelled.

La Toya Jackson and TV host Ulrika Jonsson are among those taking part.  Austin Powers actor Verne Troyer, singer Mutya Buena, presenter Terry Christian and Shameless actress Tina Malone are also in the line-up. Singers Ben Adams and Michelle Heaton, US rapper Coolio, Scottish politician Tommy Sheridan and glamour model Lucy Pinder complete the household. Channel 4's David Williams, commissioning editor for Big Brother, said: "CBB is back with a bang. After all the speculation in the press about the line-up it was worth seeing them walk through those doors."

Scary ….bunch!!!


Attack on VAT 'waste'

Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg has added his voice to concerns that the government's temporary 2.5% VAT reduction has been a "waste of money". The party would have spent the £12.5bn cost of the measure on creating jobs through investments to make schools, hospitals and homes greener, he said.

Tory leader David Cameron has branded the VAT cut an "expensive failure" which did not encourage shoppers. The government insists it is offering help to families.

For some families bread and milk are important and expensive and this 2.5 reduction means a lot!

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