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Spanish report Spanish report
by Euro Reporter
2009-01-03 10:04:44
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Winter sales start

The sales have been brought forward by five days in some areas in an attempt to increase activity. The winter sales start across half of the country today, in the regions of Madrid, Andalucía, Extremadura and Murcia. They have been brought forward from the seventh of the month in an effort to stimulate sales as Spaniards continue to shop for the gifts they exchange on Three Kings Day on January sixth.

Discounts are reported to be greater than ever with reductions of up to 70% but some major stores such as El Corte Ingles and Zara are not starting their sales until the usual date on January 7th. It comes as the National Statistics Institute reports that sales in small shops fell year on year by 10% during November. Traders say they will be happy if this year’s sales match those of last year. Consumers groups are recommending people draw up a list and set a budget limit before heading for the sales.

The problem is not how high the sales will be but how much the consumers can spend.



Romanians and Bulgarians can now work legally in Spain

Romanians and Bulgarians can now work freely in Spain, following the ending of the moratorium by the Spanish Government. However it comes as both the Romanian and Bulgarian governments want their workers to return home. It’s estimated that a million Bulgarian and Romanian citizens live in Spain and consular sources consider that some 20% of Romanians are already working here as self-employed.

I suppose Romanians and Bulgarians find out that EU passport is not so united!


ETA takes out Basque Television in Bilbao

A massive 100 kilo explosive has wrecked the headquarters of the regional television company in the city.  ETA used 100 kilos of explosives to wreck the headquarters of the Basque Television Company EiTB on New Year’s Eve morning. There were no injuries despite severe damage to the building which was also occupied by El Mundo newspaper, Antena 3 TV and Basque paper Deia. The blast came from a van filled with explosives which was parked behind the complex and which went off at 1105am. A warning had been given an hour earlier in the name of ETA to the city’s fire service.

The Citroën Jumpy van had been stolen earlier, and police found the driver tied up in nearby countryside. The terrorists had used his mobile phone to make the phone warning. The explosion was heard across Bilbao, and smashed all the windows in the circular building and caused some cars parked nearby to catch fire. It shows the obsession with the media which has been seen from the Basque terrorists for many years. Investigations show that one ETA terrorist left the van parked by the building, and that he escaped the scene with two others. The Ertzaintza regional police are searching for two men and a woman. Five tons of rubble has already been taken from the scene, and despite the ferocity of the explosion the structure of the building has not been damaged. The EiTB says it hopes to restart broadcasting soon.

That’s a nightmare Spain has to carry into 2009 and never leave behind.

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AP2009-01-03 14:56:00
New Year's Eve was a blast for ETA. I don't watch much tv either, but still... How can you defend a cause by terrorizing your own population? Not very convincing case, the way it is presented from that side of the fence.

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