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At the End of the Last Road
by Bohdan Yuri
2016-05-03 09:38:09
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At the end of the last road we’ll ever take,
Darkness stood silent, and opened the door;
I stepped inside this aberrant house.

Blood seeped into the grey stone walls,
A broken child was carried aloft,
Garnished on a silver platter,
And passed across the room,
By appetites eager to consume.

With a drool the caretaker tore off a limb,
He raised it towards Heaven, and declared,

“Now let’s savor life’s tasty dressing,
We’ll feast again on souls so grim,
We’ll burn them all into a singe.

He then turned to me, “Come join us,
Newly departed, and don’t be ashamed.

We never change our former ways,
And welcome to Hell, it’s just the same.
So grab a turn, new souls are at stake.”



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Emanuel Paparella2016-05-03 10:10:52
Echoes of Dante? I suppose in "the middle of the journey of our life" hell comes first. The good news is, at least in Dante's hell, the way down is the way up...Thanks for sharing.

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