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Bocephus, the Hound Dog's, Environmental Theory
by Leah Sellers
2008-12-31 09:16:49
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“Excuse me, Sir, but how can you compare Human Beings to Ticks and Fleas on the back of your ‘Ole Hound dog, Bocephus? How can you do that, Uncle E.L.?”

“Well, Child, Truth Be Told, there are many similarities between ‘Ole Bocephus here, and Mother Earth. Same goes for Ticks and Fleas, and Human Beings.

Like Bocephus, Mother Earth is a Living Organism. Also, just like ‘Ole Bocephus, Mother Earth will do whatever She has to do to Survive. Understand? You with me so far, Child?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Now, the Ticks and Fleas living on the hide of ‘Ole Bocephus spend every waking minute suckin' the very Life's Blood out of that ‘Ole Hound Dog. Just like Human Beings livin' on the outer crust - the Outer Skin of Mother Earth suck the very Life's Blood - Life's Energies out of Her every minute of every day.

Human Beings take and take. We use up, pollute, poison, disease and destroy parts of the Earth from dawn to dusk. Just like the Ticks and Fleas on ‘Ole Bocephus. There's really no difference. We're all parasites. All of Us busy destroyin' the very Environment and Habitat that keeps Us alive and gives Us a place to 'hang Our hats'. Destructive cusses, everyone of Us. Ticks, Fleas and Human Beings alike.

Let this 'Ole Hound Dog get loaded down with too many Ticks - too many Fleas - and they'll come close to killin' Bocephus. Without Intervention and Prevention, maybe even kill Him outright.

Human Beings' overpopulatin' and carelessly usin' up the Earth's Resources is the same as Tick and Fleafestation. Both have the potential to suck the very Life's Energy completely out of Their Host or Hostess.” Uncle E.L. winked at me, “Whichever the case may be. Dog or Planet, they can be sucked bone dry and die or fight to Survive.

If We could Understand the language of Ticks and Fleas I'm fairly certain they'd be complainin' and screamin' out about volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, landslides, dust storms, heat waves, draughts, shifting ice caps and great floods every time 'Ole Bocephus decides to fight to Survive by scratchin‘, shakin‘, rumblin‘, tumblin' or rollin' in the dirt, cow manure or mud, or bitin' or layin' out under the blisterin' sun or jumpin' into a pond to drown and rid Himself of the nuisances. Mother Earth is no different. She's a Livin', Breathin' Thing, Baby. She, and 'Ole Bocephus, will do whatever They have to- to Survive - to Heal - to Restore Balance for and to Themselves. To Mother Earth, We're no different than those pesky, blood suckin' Ticks and Fleas.”

“Uncle E.L., I'll never see Bocephus or my place on this Planet in quite the same Light.”

Chuckling, Uncle E.L., reached down and ruffled the hair behind Bocephus' lopped ears.

Bocephus gratefully leaned into Uncle E.L.'s scratching, wagging His tail in appreciation. “It doesn't take much to make this “Ole Hound Dog content. Just Good CareGivin‘. That's all any of Us, includin' Mother Earth, yearn for and Need. Just Good CareGivin' and Balanced CareTakin'.”

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bohdan2009-01-01 06:12:22
Yeah, and it's a New Year.

I hope it's a good one for all of us.

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