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Finnish Report Finnish Report
by Euro Reporter
2008-12-27 11:34:44
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Sending season greetings online

This Christmas a record number of people in Finland spent time spreading holiday cheer over the internet.  Up to 30,000 individuals were logged in at once on the popular Finnish virtual community IRC Gallery during the holidays. The site saw the most traffic on Christmas Eve.

For many youth, the internet provides a way to communicate with friends during the holiday season.  ”Individuals are not alone when they sit at the computer. They are with their friends. The computer and the internet are just a way for them to congregate. Youth who spend time on the computer probably have more friends than those who don’t spend time at the computer,” says Jari Jaanto of Sulake Dynamoid, the multi-media company behind IRC.

Does that mean more Finns have been online for the …Christmas time?


Power Outages Continue

Some 200 homes were still without power in South Savo on Friday. The outages were mainly caused by trees falling on power lines under the weight of heavy snow. Repairs are expected to continue until next week.

On Christmas Day there were still 640 households without power. The heavy, wet snow has caused problems in the region for most of the week. At one point, as many as 10,000 households in the region were without power.

Wrong weather to play …heating games!!!


Finnish Red Cross Opens Clinic in Zimbabwe

The Finnish Red Cross has launched a major operation in one of the parts of Zimbabwe worst hit by the cholera epidemic. It has set up a clinic to try to help slow the spread of the contagious and potentially lethal disease. The field hospital has a staff of 15. The Red Cross's Hannele Virtanen, who returned to Finland on Thursday from Zimbabwe, says it is being directed by Finns but that most of the staff members are local professionals who would otherwise be out of work.

The clinic is located on the site of an old hospital in the city of Mutare, near the eastern border with Mozambique. Last weekend the International Red Cross flew 10 relief flights into Zimbabwe, including one from Finland. The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) warned Monday that the epidemic was not under control, as the death toll from the disease rose to 1,174. Almost 3,000 new cases have been diagnosed since the last UN figures were published five days ago, taking the total number of confirmed infections to 23,712.

Are they going to open a psychiatric department special for Mugabe?

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Emanuel Paparella2008-12-27 16:14:00
Indeed, many young people live a "second life" nowadays; there is a whole visual world out there where people live, and love and hate and even make money, titled "second life." Some even include the computer itself as part of the community of second life. We live in interesting times.

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