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Greek report Greek report
by Euro Reporter
2008-12-26 10:35:05
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Protests wind down for Christmas

Riot police stand in front of a patrol car overturned by demonstrators during a protest march in central Athens yesterday. Youths have been protesting the police killing of 15-year-old Alexandros Grigoropoulos for more than two weeks. Outbursts of violence, though not as intense as the initial wave of riots, have been regular. Yesterday’s rallies were mostly peaceful, as protestors wind down for the Christmas break. Fresh rallies are already planned for January.

Several thousand people staged what is likely to be the last major street protest before Christmas yesterday as leftist students and self-styled anarchists occupying university facilities started heading home for a holiday truce. More than 3,000 demonstrators joined a march organized by leftist groups through the city center, a continuation of more than two weeks of protests at the police killing of 15-year-old Alexandros Grigoropoulos in Exarchia. The rally, which started outside the main entrance to Athens University and culminated in Syntagma Square, was mostly peaceful. One group of youths broke away from protesters at one point to overturn a police patrol car, but there were no reports of any injuries. Another group of protesters burned a model of a pig’s head wearing a police car in front of riot officers. Schoolchildren, protesting Grigoropoulos’s death and education standards, also staged a peaceful demonstration outside the Education Ministry, singing Christmas carols. They said they would continue their protests in the new year.

What’s going to be the police resolution for the New Year?



Patriarch's Christmas wishes

Ecumenical Patriarch Vartholomeos stressed in his Christmas message on Tuesday that most people's hope that has been based on worldly "gods" is collapsing in a pitiful way every day."The human image is being humiliated and crushed in the midst of numbers, machines, computers, stock exchanges and multicolored flags of void ideological convenience. Nature is being abused. The environment is suffering likewise. Young people are disappointed and rising in protest over the injustice of the present and the uncertainty of the future," he said in his message.

"However, the Church, calling on all for wise circumspection, the reassessment of priorities on life and seeking in the face of the transient "other" traces of the worthy of all respect image of God, will not cease to denounce with all the strength given to it by its experience exceeding two thousand years that the Child lying in the cradle of Bethlehem is 'the hope of all the extremities of the world'," he added.



Seven bids submitted for Olympic airways

Seven investors submitted non-binding bids for loss-making Olympic Airlines, with all the bidders cleared to continue to the next stage of the privatization procedure, the government said yesterday. “The deadline for the submission of binding bids is January 30, 2009,” the joint ministerial privatization committee said in a statement. Seven non-binding bids were also received for the ground-handling unit and three for the technical division.

SkyEurope, a central European charter airline, Kuwait’s Fouad Alghanim Group and a joint offer from SkyOne, a US charter airline, and Athens Airways, a new carrier active in Greece, were among the bidders for the flight business, which is now called Pantheon, according to the Transport Ministry.

Chrysler Aviation and London-based buyout firm Klesch & Co. Ltd. also bid. The Fouad Group additionally put in offers for the other two units being sold. Swissport and Goldair were among the bidders for ground-handling operations, the ministry added.

This is an Olympic marathon! 


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Emanuel Paparella2008-12-26 20:56:42
Patriarch and Pope's Christmas messages: voices crying in the desert?

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