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Swedish report Swedish report
by Euro Reporter
2008-12-24 09:54:18
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Swedish economic growth hits 30 year low

Swedish Finance Minister Anders Borg said on Tuesday that the country’s economic growth was its weakest in three decades as he announced that the government now forecasts the economy will contract by 0.8 percent next year. The government's previous gross domestic product (GDP) forecast, from November, was for 0.1 percent growth next year, though in a second, gloomier scenario the economy was seen contracting 1.2 percent.  Borg told journalists the government expected growth of 1.5 percent in 2010 and those previous efforts to keep tabs on public spending was now paying dividends.

“Thanks to the fact that we have maintained strong public finances during the good times, we can now address this downturn without being forced to make cuts or raise taxes,” said Borg in a statement. Borg projected, however, that Sweden’s current 2.5 percent government surplus would soon be transformed into a deficit of 1.0 percent in 2009 and 2010. He expected Sweden to return to a surplus of 0.7 percent in 2011. The government also expects Sweden’s labour market to suffer in the next two years, with unemployment climbing to 7.7 percent in 2009 and 8.5 percent in 2010, before improving somewhat in 2011, when the government projects an unemployment rate of 8.3 percent. Borg added that the government did not plan to carry out any further sales of state assets until equity markets recovered and that the new forecasts did not include any further divestments and that a resumption of the government's privatization programme was likely to be postponed "some while".

And the …unemployment?


High court rejects gay priest marriage

A homosexual couple has lost their case in the Supreme Administrative Court against the Swedish tax authority for registering their marriage in Canada as a partnership. Lars Gårdfeldt and Lars Arnell, who are both priests in the Church of Sweden, alleged discrimination when their marriage was classified as a civil partnership. The couple has lost their case in the district court, the court of appeal and now in the Supreme Administrative Court, Sweden's highest court.

The couple argued that a same-sex marriage entered into in accordance with Canadian law should be recognized in Sweden, despite the fact that there is no legal basis for it under current Swedish law. In their application to the court the couple argued that the "tax authorities can make an exception for a marriage where one party is under-age but not for homosexuals." The authority confirmed that it does make exceptions to Swedish law with regard to under-age couples legally married overseas. But only for marriages involving a man and a woman.

A pity, since all the sexual liberation in the '60s and '70s started from Sweden!


Charitable Swedes defy credit crunch

Swedish charities are predicting a record year for fundraising despite the ongoing financial crisis. Private donations have continued to increase despite credit crunch concerns, according to a report in Dagens Nyheter (DN). The previous record year for Swedish charities was in 2005 when Swedes opened up their wallets to give in aid of victims of the Asian tsunami. Charitable donations amounted to 5.3 billion kronor ($662mn) that year and that record is set to be tested in 2008, according to the Swedish Fundraising Council (Frii).

"There has been a lot of talk about decline in the fundraising sector since the financial crisis began last autumn, but among our members there are not many that have noticed a decline regarding private donors - on the contrary," said the council's secretary-general Erik Zachrison to DN. There are reports coming in from the sector however indicating that many companies have cut back on their giving as the recession bites.

The question is if the credit card defies Swedes!!!

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Emanuel Paparella2008-12-24 16:20:14
Could it be that some lessons have been learned since? That the so called sexual "liberation," also liberated some not so desirable anti- social characteristics such as the promoting of one's personal agenda at the expense of the common good. The examples are innumerable and they are all around if one keeps one's eyes open.

Sand2008-12-24 18:31:36
What common good is offended by the private living arrangements of two people?

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