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Spanish Report Spanish Report
by Euro Reporter
2008-12-05 09:07:04
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Unemployed in Spain

The number of registered unemployed in Spain rose to nearly three million people last month as unemployment continued to grow at a faster pace in the country than in the rest of Europe, official data showed Tuesday. The number of people filing jobless claims rose by 6.0 percent, or 171,243, in November over the previous month to reach 2,989,269 people, its eighth consecutive monthly increase, the labour ministry said in a statement.

That compares to a rise in the number of jobless in France in October of 46,900 over the previous month and of 140,000 in Britain during all of the third quarter when compared to the previous three months. The ministry does not release the unemployment rate, which is measured using a different survey by the national statistics institute INE. But according to European Union statistics office Eurostat, Spain's unemployment rate stood at 12.8 percent in October, compared to an average of 7.6 percent in the entire euro zone. Spain had until recently led job creation in the euro region but the bulk of the jobs created in recent years been in service sectors or construction "which are highly volatile and sensitive to economic cycles," said Gustavo Matias Clavero, an economics professor at Madrid's Autonomous University.

"When Europe is doing well, Spain does better, there is much job creation, but when Europe is going badly, there is much destruction of employment in Spain," he said. Up to 40 percent of all jobs created in recent years in the country of some 46 million people were in services sectors like tourism and construction, he said. The service sector accounted for over half, 57 percent, of all new registered unemployed last month while the construction sector was responsible for about one quarter of all job losses that month. Spain's once-buoyant economy is on the verge of recession as the global financial crisis has hit the key construction sector, which was already weakened by oversupply and rising interest rates.

With the general economic crisis is no wonder that even a growing economy would not be able to cope for long.


Spain to destroy all cluster bombs

Spain will destroy all its cluster bombs over the next seven months, Defense Minister Carme Chacon said Tuesday, a day before some 100 nations are to sign a landmark treaty banning their use.
The minister said that by June 2009 "we will only have the bombs that are strictly necessary for our engineers to learn how to deactivate them." She was speaking to reporters during a visit to a factory which has been charged with destroyed Spain's cluster bombs. In total over 5,500 cluster bombs will be destroyed at a cost of around five million Euros (six million dollars), the defense ministry said in a statement.

The majority of the bombs were made in Spain but the arsenal which will be destroyed includes 600 US-made cluster bombs, the statement added. In July Spain's socialist government announced a "unilateral moratorium" on the production and sale of cluster bombs. The treaty which will be signed in Oslo on Wednesday was agreed upon in May and it outlaws the use, production, transfer and stockpiling of cluster munitions which primarily kill civilians. Dropped from planes or fired from artillery, cluster bombs explode in mid-air to randomly scatter hundreds of bomblets, which can be three inches (eight centimeters) in size. Many cluster bomblets can fail to explode, often leaving poverty-stricken areas trying to recover from war littered with countless de-facto landmines. Dispersed in fields and pastures, the weapons make it perilous to cultivate the land and can claim numerous lives for decades after the end of a conflict.

Unfortunately there are countries like Finland who still …think about it!

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