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Irish Report Irish Report
by Euro Reporter
2008-12-10 09:24:56
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The Aer Lingus bid

Ryanair chief Michael O'Leary will press ahead with plans to take over Aer Lingus but will need to increase his offer significantly if it is to be considered by the Government. Last night Mr. O'Leary said he would "ignore" the wishes of the board of his bitter rival and urged the Government -- which owns 25pc of the airline -- to consider his €750m offer. The Government is still keeping the door open to Ryanair taking over the former state airline, which will net the Exchequer €188m if it sells its stake to Mr. O'Leary. But cabinet sources said that the offer would need to be a lot higher.

Transport Minister Noel Dempsey and Finance Minister Brian Lenihan are expected to meet Mr. O'Leary to discuss his plans in the near future. Mr. Dempsey said the Government will have to wait and see the details of the Ryanair offer before making any decisions on the matter. And Mr. O'Leary still held out some hope last night that his offer would be accepted by the major shareholders.

When bids fly really high!!!


Supermarket rapist

A serial sex offender, who yesterday pleaded guilty to raping a woman in a supermarket, had been convicted of two previous attacks. At the Central Criminal Court, David Power (26), of Brittas, Thurles, Co Tipperary, admitted raping his latest victim in a supermarket in Nenagh on January 28, 2007. Power was described as "evil" by one of his previous victims, who added: "I would like to see him sent to prison forever."

She said that she had "no doubt" Power would re-offend and she wanted to prevent another woman suffering like she had. After serving time for two aggravated sexual assaults on women in Cork city in June and September 2000, Power struck again. Yesterday, Mr. Justice Paul Carney directed that Power be registered as a sex offender and remanded him in custody for sentencing on February 2. The judge also directed the preparation of a victim impact report. Power was jailed for terms of five years on October 5, 2001, and for three years on October 29, 2002, by Mr. Justice Carney for aggravated sexual assaults on women in Cork city in June and September 2000.

And some others definitely fly very low!!!


Katie and football

She conquered the world with her fists. But now Katie Taylor hopes to focus on her footwork with the Irish women's soccer team. The 22-year-old arrived to a rapturous reception in Dublin Airport yesterday morning, fresh from retaining her lightweight title at the AIBA Women's World Boxing Championships in China. She was greeted by family, friends and supporters, who chanted her name as she stepped into arrivals brandishing the latest in a long line of gold medals.
The Wicklow native beat Cheng Dong of China in the 60kg final and also picked up the boxer of the tournament award for good measure. But Katie is looking forward to a break for a couple of months from her remarkable boxing career to concentrate on other passions.

Something China did for Ireland.

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