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A portrait
by John Pederson
Issue 10
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Imagine sitting at your favorite café when—all of a suddenly—an idea so original, and with so much potential pops into your head that you flag down the waiter for a pen to scribble it on your napkin. Pure genius! How did you not think of this sooner? A moment later, you decide to recite your epiphany to the entire table, fully expecting a toast to your brilliance. But somehow the thought has already lost its luster. It sounds as tantalizing and fresh as the wilted iceberg lettuces on your club salad.

Why do some ideas ignite our imaginations. How do certain concepts find their own momentum and change the world, while others are disregarded in the side notes of history? How do you go from a glass of Guinness with two friends to Finland’s hottest e-zine?

Idea: a realization of a possible way of doing something or of something to be done

All big ideas—including the Ovi Magazine—have both a function and a form.

The function of an idea refers to its specific purpose. For example, the UN was designed to promote world peace, electricity to bring light into our homes.

But ideas have form long before they find an expression and purpose in our lives. The form of an idea is what allows it to grow and travel from one person to another building momentum, until finally; it realizes its function and purpose in our world.

Every idea has both form and function. So what?

The question remains: What makes a big idea a breakthrough? What is the common denominator that allows certain concepts to take hold and change the lives of millions?

Epoch: a significant period in time or in somebody’s life

Great ideas serve a myriad of purposes and fulfill numerous needs in our daily lives. From salvation to silverware, you’d be hard-pressed to find any continuity in the function of breakthrough ideas. But the form of these ideas is another story—a story that that, for me, started in Finland.

Ten issues and nearly two years ago, Thanos and Asa taught me something that I’ll never forget. Maybe it was the Guinness at work, but it was a break-through epiphany at the time—and still is: breakthrough ideas have to resonate on both the individual and collective levels. They connect people through increased self-awareness. Connection through personal empowerment is the distinguishing mark of most any breakthrough idea, whether it’s a musical phenomenon like the Beatles, a communications revolution such as the Internet, or a journalistic epoch like the Ovi.

The tipping point is when the big idea becomes a reference point of public consciousness, giving a voice to something within each individual, while providing a way to carry this self-knowledge out into the world. This is exactly what Ovi has been to me: a connection to the world and myself. To know one, you must discover the other. Now I have been lazy in this pursuit, taking more from this relationship than I receive. But the Ovi has always been here for me, inviting reflection, introspection, and growth. And it’s here for you too, for you to read, for you to contribute, for you to love, and for you to hate. It’s all here—and it will be here for many issues to come! Time is on our side!

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