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And that was November 2008... And that was November 2008...
by The Ovi Team
2008-12-04 10:04:12
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Okay, so President-elect Barrack Obama appeared on the Ovi cover a mere six times in thirteen days in November, but it could have been worse… it could have been John McCain! To our credit, we did take a break from the "World's Saviour™" because too much of a good thing can bitter the taste and we wouldn't want that before he has even been sworn into office.

nov_covercopy_400 November began as Obama Month, with N. L. Wilbur's 'Maybe We McShould', Emanuel L. Paparella's 'Obama's Conspiracy of Hope', Leah Sellers' 'Obama's Soul Song for America', Alexandra Pereira's 'Obamart' and two from Thanos. Luckily there were 24 other days last month for a wider selection of articles to be published, such as Rene Wadlow's article commemorating International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women.

Emanuel L. Paparella's contributions received two further covers for 'Hermeneutics and Originative Thinking in Arthur Danto's "Artworld"' and 'Roland Barthes' Death of the Author and Art as Text', while Alexandra Pereira's 'East Side Stories: Hol(e)y and Profane' was also bestowed the honour of a second cover. Alexander Mikhaylov also managed a hat-trick of covers with his three submissions: 'Embarrassment', 'Mother' and 'On the power of dreams'.

Ovi covers were also awarded to Catia Caias for her 'Agion Oros, Under Water and Private Windmills' photo exhibition, Bohdan Yuri for his poem "the true colors", Jan Sand for his poem "First Snow" and also to Dr. Gerry Coulter on his Ovi debut with 'Our Rendez-vous With Death'.

World Diabetes Day was promoted with a cover, as well as World Toilet Day, plus Ovi cartoon duo, Dino and Anty, were given a cover. Thanos made further appearances with pieces on DR Congo, idiots, the environment, the G20, Hillary Clinton, Joe the plumber and the Mumbai bombings, while Asa reviewed Gigi and went shooting for the first time.

We thank you, as always, for joining us throughout November and hope you stay the course of December - don't miss our brand new Mika and Matti Christmas story!

Seasons' Greetings!

The Ovi Team

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