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And that was October 2008... And that was October 2008...
by The Ovi Team
2008-11-03 08:34:42
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Is there some bizarre twist of fate that had October concluding with Halloween and November beginning with the U.S. Presidential Elections? Anyway, Ovi magazine knows which one frightens us more… can the world withstand another eight year horror story? The elections and the financial meltdown have certainly inspired our contributors in October and we hope that none of our readers have been too badly affected by either, although the former may still unhinge a few of us.

2_400_08 October welcomed N. L. Wilbur to the team with his twin contributions, the first took us in the world of cage-fighting and the second to a McCain rally.  Rene Wadlow reminded us of International Non-violence Day and of United Nations Day with articles for each. Luis Alves analysed Capitalism's Failure and shared a great selection of photographs of Serpa (Brinches) Photovoltaic Power Station.

Tony Butcher panhandled for sponsorship in his first half marathon, which he completed in 2hrs 40mins (well done!), Leah Sellers pointed a blaming finger, Jack Wellman searched for evolutional fossils, Clint Wayne reminisced about sticky backed plastic, Joseph Ocen asked whether you would choose the gun or the rose, Emanuel L. Paparella brought us Arthur Schopenhauer's concept of Art as revelation and Saberi Roy created new words, such as Obamafied, Obamania and Obamamatopoeia.

Ovi was proud to release its first album thanks to the hard work of Christopher Wilkinson, Linda Lane shared her beautiful photos for Halloween and Alexander Mikhaylov and Jan Sand both unleashed the poet on readers. Ovi also commemorated the 70th anniversary of Orson Welles' "War of the Worlds" radio broadcast and promoted the EU-MAN exhibition that featured some of Thanos' artwork.

Away from his artwork, Thanos wrote about the Finnish municipality elections, Thailand, Sarah Palin and Zimbabwe, while Asa reviewed The Addams Family for Christopher Lloyd's birthday and reminded everybody to brush their teeth twice a day.

Thanks for joining us throughout October and we hope you will stick with us throughout November as we patiently wait for the polls to shut and reveal whether Mr O or Mr M will be adding President to their moniker…

All the best,

The Ovi Team


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