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Polish Report Polish Report
by Euro Reporter
2008-10-28 09:20:55
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John Paul II, the first saint from Poland

John Paul II will be announced as saint during a separate ceremony, devoted entirely to his person, and not - as media have suggested recently- together with the other Popes - writes a daily "Dziennik". It means that his beatification will take place next year. The idea of collective beatification of our Pope together with Pius XII and Paul VI is not possible.

Everything indicates that John Paul II will be brought to altar alone - informed "Polska" the spokesman of the Cracow Curia Robert Nęcek who, at the moment, together with the cardinal Stanislaw Dziwisz is in the Vatican City. Today we have exactly the 30th anniversary of choosing the cardinal Karol Wojtyla for the Pope. The priest Nęcek has no doubts that the beatification will take place next year. He quotes the words of a Vatican prefect from the Vatican Congregation of Canonization of the archbishop Angelo Amata who asked for the final date of John Paul II's case answered - You can get ready for the next year.

I think John Paul II was a saint all his life for Poland


A spoiled child …the president

Janusz Palikot, the deputy of PO (Civic Platform) defined the President in the following words: "The President is a spoiled child who is running and screaming", commented Palikot the fact that the President decided to go on the summit of the Euroepan Council. According to the deputy of PO, if Kaczyński will not share Tusk's opinion in Brussels, he may even stand in front of the State Tribunal. "Lech Kaczynski is an identical twin brother dominated by the older brother and mother. It is a child who cannot control his emotions", added Palikot.

Unfortunately, except a spoiled child, he is also a brainless child!


Stabbing dignity

At a ward in the hospital in Elblag a 102 years old patient grabbed a knife and stabbed lying next to him 65 years old man. The aggressive attacker was overpowered. He is in the hospital for people with mental disorder now. He is threatened with five years of imprisonment.

At the moment the hot-headed grandpa is at a ward for mentally ill in the military hospital in Elblag. We know that he suffers from dementia and depression. He will be questioned as soon as the doctors will agree. He stabbed a 65 years old man in the back. The man was taken at the intensive care unit, however the doctors calm down that for the present moment he is in good condition. Police is determining how the tragedy could happen.

What they mean with they are trying to determine how it happened? The fact that a man was stabbed inside the hospital, a man with problems shows that there is something seriously wrong with the hospitals to start with!

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Emanuel Paparella2008-10-27 12:15:36
We will say about John Paul as a Polish saint what is already said about Francis of Assisi: the most saintly of Italians and the most Italian of saints. Invariably, those who are in the bad habit of gratuitously bashing the Catholic Church at every opportunity, and see only half of the picture, conveniently side-step the reality of sanctity within such a Church.

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