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Estonian report Estonian report
by Euro Reporter
2008-10-25 09:36:43
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U.S. to lift visa requirement

U.S. President George W. Bush has announced that the country will lift the visa requirement for the three Baltic States. Bush said that travelers from the Baltic’s, Slovakia, Hungary, the Czech Republic and South Korea would no longer need visas to travel to the United States.

"Today's announcement means that a new chapter between the US and these countries has been opened, proving our close friendship ties. It is an important achievement," the U.S. president said in a televised address Friday. "I am thankful that both parties have supported the initiative at the Congress to adopt the law that would allow joining of new countries to the visa free program... I am thankful to the representatives of the US and our allies, who have worked hard to conclude these agreements and to fulfill the new requirements," he said.

Let’s see how many will take the opportunity


Education Minister wants to ban Russian language schools

Education Minister Tonis Lukas has suggested that Russian schools be phased out of existence, sparking fresh accusations of governmental discrimination towards Estonia’s Russian minority. The minister made the controversial statement on Friday Oct. 10, suggesting on an ETV news program that the Estonian education system should operate exclusively in the Estonian language.

The minister, who is currently drafting an Estonia-China study exchange program in Beijing, expressed his desire to enact the changes immediately, but conceded that it would take time to find enough teachers to fill the gap created by Russian schools.

Are ghettoes his next step? You know the ones with the big walls all around, perhaps he should come up with an idea with them wearing a uniform with some kind of symbol on them!!! This is embarrassing for a country called European and proud to be a member of the EU.


Credit card problems

Bank and credit card fraud has apparently become the new trend crime among Estonians; with police reports suggesting Estonia’s IT literate younger generations are adapting their expertise to criminal ends. The Estonian police say that this new illegal enterprise has now become the most common criminal activity by Estonians abroad, a status previously held by drug smuggling.

Eesti Paevaleht reported that most of the culprits that have been caught so far are amateur IT specialists who have put their skills to unlawful use. The Public Prosecutor’s Office is currently handling three separate cases where Estonians are accused of counterfeiting means of payment; with police coming with more and more cases.

Estonia met capitalism!!!

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