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Danish report Danish report
by Euro Reporter
2008-10-23 08:42:44
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A documentary has won a European Parliament Prize

A Danish documentary was awarded joint first prize in the inaugural European Parliament Prize for Journalism by parliamentary president Hans-Gert Pöttering. Lars Feldballe Petersen's documentary 'The battle against chemicals' was produced in association with TV2 and the Film Institute, and gives an insight into the development of the EU's regulation on chemicals.

The laws on the registration, evaluation, authorization and restriction of chemicals (REACH) were passed in 2006 after almost 10 years in the making, and Petersen followed the work of lobbyists from Greenpeace and the chemical industry as they tried to sell their viewpoints to a Danish MEP. The prize is awarded to journalists who have made an 'outstanding contribution to clarifying major issues at European level, or have promoted a better understanding of the institutions or policy of the European Union'.

Congratulations is all that remains to say


A bronze statue has been stolen from a repair shop

The well-known bronze statue of King David from Vor Frue Kirke (Our Lady's Church) was stolen. The 3.2 meter high statue was taken from Flemming Brian Nielsen's Stonemasonry in the Sydhavn district, where it has been undergoing repairs for the last three months.

Nielsen told the newspapers that not only did the thieves load the 2.5 tone statue onto a truck sometime Thursday night, but they also had to move two stone plinths weighing eight tones to get to it. The statue is usually located in front of the church, together with a statue of Moses, but it was damaged in June when a fleeing motorist crashed into its stone plinth. Nielsen said there is no original model of the figure, and he estimated it could cost up to 2.5 million kroner to reproduce the statue.

Let’s see how they are going to sell a 2.5 tonne statue!!!


Police hot line

Police have been forced to provide residents in the Vesterbro district of Copenhagen with a direct emergency hotline to local patrols. Residents who witnessed serious incidents of narcotics-related crime, which is prevalent in the neighborhood, were not getting a quick enough response by calling the regular police hotline. Many residents on the Abel Cathrines Gade and Viktoriagade streets have called the police in the past to report narcotics crimes, but Hanne Bech Hansen, the superintendent of Copenhagen Police admitted that there have been problems with response times.

Hansen said that in the past 18 months, an investigation has found 40 failures of police to respond to a reported crime. She pointed out they receive 1.5 million reports annually, but said that nothing less than 100 percent response was good enough. Local residents have been provided with the mobile number of police, who patrol the local area between 3pm and 7am. 'It will be easier to contact them directly, rather than going through police central,' said Hansen to the newspapers. The 112 number is used for life-threatening emergency situations. The number 114 was introduced as a direct hotline to police central control. It is used to report incidents of crime and to contact local police stations. Local police superintendent Mogens Lauridsen said the problem with the 114 number is that it does not priorities the seriousness of the incidents being reported, and as a result many residents in the Vesterbro area are left waiting in the queue.

Let’s see if it will help.

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