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Austrian report Austrian report
by Euro Reporter
2008-10-21 08:36:04
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Jörg Haider was drunk

The confirmation of Haiders alcohol levels at the time of his fatal car accident was released yesterday by the medical jurisprudence. The minister president of Carinthia had a BAC of 0.18 per cent. Now the government of Carinthia could demand recourse for the damage of the accident by Haiders family.

The damaged car had been only three months old and had a value of 70.000 Euro. The alcohol level in Haider’s blood was later confirmed by the new BZÖ leader Stefan Petzner. Petzner said that he has paid the highest price for his mistake; his life. The family of Jörg Haider appealed to the media to stop the reporting.

The extreme right Austrian politician has been drunk with power since his big return to politics lately and from his ego but unfortunately it was alcohol that became his nemesis.


Tightrope walker ends

A tightrope walker show of a German artist group in a little Styrian village ended in riots and many casualties. The exceptionally gifted artists wanted to dance on a high wire in the centre of the village.  An 18-year-old local inhabitant was not happy about such an attraction in his home village. He started to organize a protest and attacked members of the artist group with fists and empty beer bottles.
His first victim was the cashier of the artists. She was hit by a construction site plate, and collapsed in the middle of the street. More casualties followed in a street fight between the artist group and local inhabitants.

During the savage street fight the locals got into defensive and escaped into the next pub. They started a second raid out of the pub with empty beer bottles. Even little children were involved in the riots. Finally police units had to come and finished the worthless outbreak of violence. At the end the locals won. The artist group was not allowed to do their tightrope walker show. Everyday life is going to continue in this little village without any special attractions. Locals prefer the calm and melancholic country life instead of artistic shows on high wires.

You have to admit that some people have no taste for art!!!


Guarantee savings

Chancellor Gusenbauer promised in the course of international financial crises the unlimited safety for savings at Austrian banks. The new law is retroacting valid since 1st October. If it’s necessary the government holds out a nationalized responsibility for banks as well. Banks which have surplus liquidity should dispose their financial means in a clearing station of the Austrian control bank to help other banks, says financial minister Wilhelm Molterer.

Austrian banks are not in danger, is the conventional wisdom. All those new decisions are just arrangements to guarantee cover and protection. The government has also banned short selling from Austria’s stock exchange market. Faymann and Gusenbauer are trying to calm down Austria’s population. “Everything is in control. Our banks are solid. Austria is in a very good situation. Nobody in Austria has to fear about his bank savings”, they say.

Him and the rest of the world!!!

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