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Ecuador, me and all those cats Ecuador, me and all those cats
by Alexander Mikhaylov
2008-10-14 09:46:14
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It is a quiet afternoon, maybe a bit too quiet for my liking
On the other hand, it is a perfect time to
Go ahead and try to do some work,
How about some work?

Trudging upstairs
Entering a terrace, seating myself at a table
Nobody cares to come up here except me
There are only a few cats up here to keep me company,
They are wild bunch, veteran fighters
There is something wrong with each of them:
The smallest one is lacking a tail and one of his rear legs is all screwed
Another cat (a black one) seem to have problem with his mouth
He keeps it slightly open at all times, with his pink tongue hanging out
Dribbling saliva
The third guy is OK except he’s worm infested besides
He is pathetically lazy. He always ignores me and I
Ignore him. Both of us are contented
I think that
I’ll try to write some poetry then
I’ll go to the nearest mini-market, cash out my beer bottles
Buy some more beer
I hope by that time the street will not be completely flooded
Or maybe I’ll stay put. It all depends
On my inspiration, or the lack of it.
I lean on a railing and watch as a pair of girls
Wade ankle deep in water, trying to cross the street
A cabby driver smokes cigarette under a canopy of mini market
Somebody else comes
Wriggles his wet t-shirt, puts it back on
Everything I see reminds me of something
Although I cannot point out what it might be exactly
In fact
It feels as if I’m dreaming or simply
Hallucinating, mesmerized by the rain, the warmth, the palm tree outside the house,
A creaky booth of police station further down the road, a roar of
Airport nearby, funny birds, shooting past terrace’ roof,
A hammock on my left, a dusty table, my note book and
Random pages scattered around, ready to fly away
It is a quiet afternoon indeed and I do not mind it to be quiet after all.  

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