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Dutch report Dutch report
by Euro Reporter
2008-10-08 08:04:32
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A plastic pallet business

Intelligent Global Pooling Systems (iGPS Company LLC), operator of the world’s first RFID-tagged all-plastic pallet pool, announced on September 15 that due to high demand for the iGPS pallet, it has signed a new long-term preferred supplier agreement with Netherlands-based Schoeller Arca Systems, the global leader in plastic packaging systems for materials handling, to manufacture 30 million pallets for the company over the next five years. The pallets will be manufactured in a new high-tech and fully automated manufacturing plant located in Springfield, Missouri in the US, with more new plants to be opened in the coming years.

Definitely packed their future!


Dutch environment

Dutch Environment Minister Jacqueline Cramer said she may curb the supply of government subsidies to environmental organizations. She told the press that she may even cut them off altogether. Cramer was responding to continuing harsh criticism of a number of environmentalist groups. One of them, Friends of the Earth Netherlands, has been attacked for its “dogmatic” and “undemocratic” campaign against illegal logging, Radio Netherlands reported.

 The campaign prompted the senior party in the ruling three-way coalition government, the Christian Democrats, to urge Cramer to reconsider government support for environmental organizations. In keeping with her Social Democrat leanings, Cramer came out in defense of the environmentalists

Environmental awareness must be easy in the land of the tulips and the windmills.


A nightmare reminder

A group called the Mothers of Srebrenica wants the United Nations to be tried for its failure to prevent the Srebrenica massacre in 1995. On June 18, the group, which represents 6,000 relatives of the victims, asked a civilian court in The Hague to waive the UN’s immunity. They say the UN and the Dutch state are in part responsible for the deaths of 8,000 Bosnian-Muslim men and boys since Srebrenica was a “safe area” under UN protection.

There is widespread interest in this challenge to UN immunity, Radio Netherlands reported. Some 6,000 Bosnians want to bring charges against the UN and the Netherlands for their role in the fall of the Muslim enclave. But that can only happen if the judge in The Hague makes legal proceedings against the UN possible. The judge will consider the request and deliver a ruling in mid-July.

It seems that this Srebrenica nightmare will never end with all the twists coming out all the time.


Internet gabbling

The Netherlands has cleared a proposed taxation bill that would allow the government to tax games of chance such as blackjack and online craps. The government would also be able to tax those companies for whom the Dutch have prosecuted or attempted to prosecute. There is also a provision that would allow Holland to tax foreign customers. Earlier this year the Dutch Senate narrowly rejected an amendment to the Dutch Betting and Gaming Act that would have given Holland Casino an exclusive license in the Netherlands to provide online gaming on a trial basis, Gambling 911 reported.

That’s it, gamble online and be taxed!

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